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article imageMan sets new record with world's fastest piece of furniture

By Lynn Curwin     Sep 6, 2010 in Technology
Most people don’t want their furniture moving around quickly but a table desgined for speed was able to reach 209 km/h (130mph). The table titled “Fast Food” included chairs and dinner settings.
Perry Watkins, 47, drove his table down a 500 metre track at Santa Pod, Nottinghamshire twice on September 5. He expects Guinness to accept the time, making him the official world record holder.
The previous world record for a speedy piece of furniture was 148 km/h (92mph). That was set by a sofa in 2007.
The table was powered by a 1994 Reliant Scimitar Sabre and a nitrous oxide kit.
“It was actually worse than I thought it would be,” The Telegraph quoted Watkins as saying. “It felt like 200mph."
The table’s average speed was 181 km/h (113.8mph).
Watkins spent about a year designing the high-speed piece of furniture which he can legally drive on roads. It has exhaust fumes coming out of teapots, brake lights are encased in rolled napkins and a tax disc stuck to a champagne bucket.
Several photos of the table car can be seen on Watkin’s web site.
He has previously built other unusual vehicles.
He unveiled the world’s smallest street-legal car in 2009. The vehicle, which started out as a Postman Pat toy van, is 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide, and has an ATV engine hooked to the rear wheels. It has signal lights, head and tail lights, a windshield wiper and a horn.
Before that he designed the world’s flattest car, which is called the Flatmobile and resembles a flat Batmobile. Because the headlights are lower than required, it is only street legal in daylight.
He also created a Dalek car, using pieces of other cars. If a button in the vehicle is pushed it even says “exterminate.”
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