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article imageOp-Ed: Jaroslaw Kaczynski - Portrait of the fallen politician

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Sep 6, 2010 in Politics
Warsaw - It's scary to think he could have been a president of Poland – a small, envious, malicious and simple minded individual. Some call him “a patriot” so let it be. Let’s redefine a simple word of “patriotism” or confirm its meaning, shall we?
“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, Samuel Johnson says. Right or wrong? Well, unfortunately right! This statement hasn’t lost its meaning since it was first said back in 1775.
It can be applied to any populist politician at any corner of the globe. Patriotism has played a key role in all the twin brothers' political activity, Lech as the President and Jaroslaw as the former Prime Minister.
After the Smolensk tragedy when his twin brother died, Jaroslaw decided to run for the presidency when representing his Law and Justice Party (PiS). The time couldn’t have been better for him as he hoped that the voters' compassion for his dead brother would give him some advantage over the opponent. He expected to have an ace of hearts in his hand when playing the Smolensk tragedy card.
He knew for sure that those who manage the Echelon satellite phone system, for a reason, would never reveal his last recorded conversation with brother Lech that could point a curious finger at Lech soon after he perished because Lech had insisted the plane crew land on the airfield in Smolensk anyway after being warned about bad weather conditions. In broad daylight, in front of all Poles, Jaroslaw played another ace of diamonds when pointing at the Russians as the alleged perpetrators of the catastrophe on the 70th anniversary of Katyn massacre. So he wanted to be an investigator who knew what happened right away and he wanted to let everybody know about this all. His personal mission of patriotism for the whole nation, dictated him to say so.
Jaroslaw Kaczynski  decently looking man but at the same time a small  envious  malicious and simple...
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, decently looking man but at the same time a small, envious, malicious and simple minded individual.
As a result, he lost the elections which caused him a lot of frustration and possibly yet another personal grief after losing his twin brother. He suddenly changed from cold looking politician who can wave his hand to greet his supporters and still keep his good face to someone who lost his confidence, political and personal temper because the mask of all his intentions for the future fell down.
Now, after the presidential elections in Poland, Jaroslaw calls the results of the election a “misunderstanding”. He now blames post-communists, Jews, former "commie" secret police members and those who created the “set-up”, an evil force in its nature for Poland which he’s not been a part of. Of course he’s not, he’s a true patriot! He’s been showing his true political face by showing no respect whatsoever to political opposition, sweeping everybody out of the way who doesn’t agree with his drive for ultra nationalist tendencies and religious model of the state where the religious cross is not only a religious symbol to those who are the [Catholic] believers, but national as well – this time to those who, for some reason, the Catholic religion is not the way to go in life.
The cross erected by the boyscouts to commemorate the Smolensk crash that killed Lech Kaczynski his ...
The cross erected by the boyscouts to commemorate the Smolensk crash that killed Lech Kaczynski his wife and other 94 state officials, Presidential Palace, Warsaw, Poalnd.
Renata Bee
He doesn’t care what the majority of Poles want. His comments and behavior when supporting the “cross defenders” from the area of the presidential palace in Warsaw, brought him more enemies than supporters. Expecting more substantial support from the [Catholic] Church, he found out that the Church didn’t really support the “cross defenders” so he experienced yet another frustration. Then again he started to call the new elected president and the government the names of "former communists" and again brought more fuel to the fire. He already named all the forces, unfriendly to Poland that would give away sovereign Poland to the hands of pseudo-Polish people after the presidential elections, all with the language out of any Polish dictionary. For true Poland it was only himself and his blind cadre of supporters who want their rights be articulated and constitutionally assured, he wants his “rights” to be a mandate to more than themselves in the country, best is to all.
Many can perceive Jaroslaw as an already fallen politician, many are sick and tired of his arrogance and ignorance. Many foresee the total decline of his party and the leader who, after losing the presidential battle, promised another battle to win next time. Many are scared with his too rustic ideas applied for the modern state with still a too strong influence from the Church and perceive them to go to the European garbage of modern history. For many can easily see that Jaroslaw Kaczynski's ideas for “religious skansen” in the middle of Europe are not the way to go for most of the country and its people who have been accustomed to develop their political pluralism, typical for modern Europe.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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