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Teen's text to buy pot goes to sheriff instead of drug dealer

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Sep 4, 2010 in Crime
A teen from Montana wanted to buy some marijuana and sent a text to his dealer. The problem was the text wasn't sent to the intended number.
Helena, Mont.-- Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton received a text that read, “Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?” The sheriff thought someone was playing a joke on him. reports Dutton said, “I’m thinking, ‘Hey this is odd,’ I was looking around to see if there was someone outside my window playing a prank.”
Playing along he asked, “How much we talking?”
After the sender replied saying he was close to the dealers house Dutton realized it wasn't a prank.
The Missouri River Drug Task Force was contacted and an undercover detective pretended to be the dealer and arranged to meet the sender at an agreed upon business.
Two juvenile males were seen inside the store along with an adult male. To be sure he had the right person the detective called the number three times.
The teens were called over and the detective showed them his badge. According to Dutton the teens turned white and their knees began to wobble.
The detective had the three males go outside with him where one of the teens fainted.
The adult male with the boys was the father of one of the teens. Dutton said the man was a big, military-looking guy and he wasn’t happy.
The detective decided not to issue any citations when he saw the parents wanted to be involved.
Dutton said, "When the detective saw there were parents that wanted to be involved he took the right action and I’m really proud of the deputy."
Dutton said even though buying drugs is a crime it's probably going to be worse facing their parents.
Dutton added, “Was it divine intervention or just bad luck.”
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