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article imageOp-Ed: Floyd Mayweather: The Boxer, The Racist, The Coward?

By Matthew-Paul Narciso     Sep 3, 2010 in Sports
Los Angeles - Floyd Mayweather was completely silent about a fight with Manny Pacquiao until Top Rank signed a fight against Antonio Margarito, less than a week later he speaks up in a racist rant and shows his true color.
I was a fan of Floyd Mayweather until today. His skills within the ring are some of the purest that boxing has ever seen. As a member of the boxing community around the world, I have always wanted to see him tested against a true offensive threat in its prime, not a nearly 40 year old Shane Mosley, or a Juan Manual Marquez having to go up 17 pounds, and even then be denied of an agreed upon catch weight.
The boxing world was not against Floyd Mayweather as he liked to proclaim. We simply wanted what we had of every other fighter to approach greatness. We wanted Foreman to fight Ali. We wanted Tyson to fight Lewis, we wanted De La Hoya to fight Trinidad. For some reason, Floyd Mayweather becomes very angry when he is asked to step up to the plate and provide the fight that will define a decade of boxing. He gets visibly upset when asked to prove himself against the other man considered to be at the top of the pile.
Foreman stepped up to the challenge against Ali, was heavily favored, and lost. Even in defeat he was loved for his courage to challenge himself for the glory of the sport.
Tyson showed a genuine disdain of Lennox Lewis, but he took the challenger, and he too fell. Even in defeat, Mike Tyson will go down in boxing history as one of the most violent and fearless men to ever lace up boxing gloves.
Oscar De La Hoya went toe to toe with Felix Trinidad in losing an action packed decision, but it defined him amongst his fans as a man willing to go to war.
Floyd Mayweather was asked to fight Manny Pacquiao, and perhaps the reason he made unwarranted testing demands then later went on vacation after Pacquiao agreed to such testing was because of the above referenced results of Mega Fights in the past.
We will never know why Floyd keeps finding obstacles to fighting Manny Pacquiao. What we do know is that Mayweather is a boxer. Is it to much to ask the two top guys in boxing to box each other without one getting his feelings hurt, making ludicrous demands, then going on a vacation and denying negotiations ever took place?
Just today Mayweather released a video where he attacks the ethnicity of Manny Pacquiao and makes disgraceful remarks about Asian culture saying that after he fought Pacquiao he would make him "make me a sushi roll." Mayweather continued his racist tangent by saying that he will "cook that yellow chump," that he will "kick the midget ass."
I think by now it is general public knowledge that Floyd has chosen to keep his mouth shut until the opposing fighter is already in contract to fight somebody else. In addition he revealed his true colors as a racist and a coward.
It was only last month after negotiations flopped that Mayweathers Camp stated that negotiations never took place, only to be refuted by (HBO sports) Ross Greenburg the very next day. Floyd Mayweather Sr. then made a statement about the negotiations that his team claimed never took place by calling Manny Pacquiao several derogatory names.
Manny Pacquiao advised the world "Let's just laugh it off. He may not have been himself when he said that," after hearing of the older Mayweather's incendiary statements. After hearing Floyd Mayweather's racist rant today, Manny Pacquiao maintained his cool composure by releasing a statement, "The video speaks for itself."
When asked why he would allow USADA testing, Pacquiao advised that he wanted to see if that was the reason Floyd really did not want to fight. Well, now we know.
Keep spewing hate, keep running, we'll see when the next time Reebok chooses to endorse you.
If you would like to ask Reebok or AT & T why they endorse somebody who makes blatantly racist statements against Asian's here you go.
Here is the corporate contact page for Reebok CLICK HERE
Here is the Corporate contact for AT&T:
AT&T Corporate Office | Headquarters
208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202
Lastly, here is the contact information for NAACP: CLICK HERE Call them and find out why they have not condemned this racist rant.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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