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article imageWhere are Pearl Gavaghan Da Massa and her mom? Special

By KJ Mullins     Sep 2, 2010 in Crime
A little girl, last seen in Toronto, is being sought by Greater Manchester Police in England and the Toronto Police Service. Young Pearl Gavaghan Da Massa was apparently abducted by her mother Helen Gavaghan.
Pearl, 6 lived in Manchester with her mother, Helen, and father, Hollywood Henry Da Massa, who shared joint custody.
On December 9, 2008, Helen and Pearl boarded a plane to Cancun, Mexico. Before leaving England Helen had legally changed her name to Meta International and had taken out a large amount of cash from the bank.
Mother and daughter stayed in a variety of places in Mexico and then on December 30 crossed into Texas.
The High Court has ruled that Pearl's removal from England was unlawful.
Pearl was to begin primary school in January, 2009, and was subject to a hospital referral.
In February it was discovered that Helen had been in Toronto for about a year. She and Pearl were going by the names Dana Flaherty and Belle Flaherty. As Dana Flaherty, Helen offered child care services and was involved in homeschooling groups.
Toronto Police went to the location they had for Helen but and and her daughter had moved. In early July Pearl was spotted in the Queen Street West and Jameson area of Parkdale, said Constable Wendy Drummond in a phone interview.
It is thought that the mother and daughter may still be in Toronto but there is the possibility that Helen has "been spooked" and moved on.
"It appears that Pearl has been homeschooled," Drummond said.
Detective Rick Mooney is in charge of Helen's case in Toronto. He said during a phone interview that everyone he has talked to says that Pearl is doing well and is well cared for.
"Helen and Pearl have been living with the help of others," Mooney said, adding that at Helen's last location, he had received nothing but positive comments on the woman.
Mooney doesn't think that Helen and Pearl are still in Toronto, but if they are, he hopes that she gets in direct contact with him. If she does, Detective Mooney will work with her to come to the best solution for her and her daughter.
"At this point Pearl is a ward of the UK so that when they are caught she will not be going straight back to her father. Pearl has loving grandparents that want to see her. My biggest concern is about what will happen later, the damage to Pearl from living life on the run all this time."
Mooney stresses that there are no allegations that Helen is abusive. All reports from witnesses say that Pearl is doing great and that she is in great health.
"If you know Helen let her know that there is help being offered to her. If she contacts me directly I will work it out with her one on one," Mooney said, "We want a positive outcome not only for Pearl but for Helen as well."
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