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article imageOp-Ed: Wikileakileaks, Michael Moore, and the biter bit

By Michael Cosgrove     Sep 2, 2010 in Internet
It was inevitable I suppose. A new site has surfaced with the aim of pooling leaks and documents concerning secretive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Wikileaks itself. Is the US government behind it? No.
Remember Debbie Melnik and Rick Caine? They are the two left-wing film-makers who made ‘Manufacturing Dissent’, a scathing film in which they accused Michael Moore of exaggerating and distorting evidence in his films. They began shooting the film as fans, but said that as they got to know his methods they changed their minds and decided instead to reveal what they called “a disturbing pattern of fact-fudging and misrepresentation.”
With that in mind, it would be interesting to know what Moore thinks of the new website launched by Valleywag, a Gawker media gossip blog.
Wikileakileaks was launched with the objective of pooling Wikileaks-related documents, secrets and rumors and opening up Assange’s organization – which is described as being “about as open as North Korea” - to public scrutiny.
Amongst other charges, it relates the disgraceful leaking by Wikileaks of details of children and others involved in an ongoing investigation into a major pedophile ring in Belgium. That information doesn’t seem to interest America, but it has caused a storm in Belgium, where Assange would be well advised not to go for his next holidays.
Valleywag justifies its decision to launch the site as being an attempt to offer more transparency into Wikileaks’ funding, structure and sources, noting at the same time that even its spokesman’s name – Daniel Schmitt – is a pseudonym. It is also being hoped that the site will serve as a vector for personal and other information concerning Julian Assange, and site followers are invited to send in any information they may have which would reveal more about his personality and activities. Anonymously, of course.
The site as it is today contains leaked emails by a person it says is a Wikileaks insider which discuss Wikileaks’ funding tactics as well as what is alleged to be its intention of “throwing Manning to the dogs” and that he will be “hung out to dry in order to cover Assange’s ass.” Bradley Manning is the US army intelligence analyst said to be the source of the many thousands of documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which Wikileaks released recently.
Other information is available concerning the Swedish sexual molestation case against Assange, his now-defunct personal website, Wikileaks’ relations with the press and details of the people who work for Wikileaks.
If all this seems grossly unfair, over the top, one-sided and unverifiable, sensationalist and cheap, that’s because it is. And more.
But I support this initiative for all that.
The very idea that an individual is able to launch a whistle-blowing site which offers the public no inkling of who works for it, its financing, staff, ethics, sources or anything else is an anathema. There is no way that a site which claims to be working for the public good yet be so shrouded in almost total secrecy can be considered as being either democratic or trustworthy.
Who can tolerate an organization which is so paranoid that it makes the CIA look like an open house? Wikileaks supporters would be quite rightly screaming for the blood of its administrators if it were right-wing, so what does this make them? If this is a taste of what healthy opposition to a government’s policy is, I’ll pass, preferring to take it for what is is - a shady and shining example of the very secretive methods it claims to decry.
I don’t trust anyone who claims to know what’s good for me without knowing who they are.
Mr Assange, we don’t know enough about you at all. In fact we hardly know anything about you or your organisation whatsoever. You and your methods are suspect in my eyes. So although I realize how unfair Wickileakyleaks is, you had this coming to you.
Just like Michael Moore, you are the biter bit.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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