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article imageManny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito: The Media's Double Standard

By Matthew-Paul Narciso     Sep 1, 2010 in Sports
Manila - On October 27th, 2009 we watched Shane Mosley admit to knowingly take EPO in past fights, just months before fighting Floyd Mayweather. Now Manny Pacquiao is ridiculed for fighting Margarito. Does the Media have a double standard for non-Americans?
If one were to scan through my coverage leading up to the dreaded announcement that Manny Pacquiao would face Antonio Margarito for the Super Welterweight title, then you would know that I have been very critical of allowing Margarito a second chance to fight for a title in which he has not even proven himself as a contender, or allow Pacquiao to fight for a title in a weight class where he has never once been.
Just to clear the air, I don't like Margarito, I don't like that he tried to go in with loaded hand wraps against Shane Mosley. It would have been an injustice for Margarito to face Shane Mosley for 12 rounds with bricks in his gloves. This being the same Shane Mosley that went into a brutal 12 round battle with Oscar De La Hoya with EPO in his veins. Shane would later campaign that he unknowingly was injected, but any YouTube search would reveal video where he admitted that he was aware of what was happening.
So why is it that Golden Boy blew off a superfight with Zab Judah under the guise that Shane Mosley should not be treated like a criminal, yet the media blames Pacquiao for not subjecting himself to unwarranted blood testing although he had never previously tested positive, associated with any such scandal, or involved himself with any proactive figures.
Why is it that Floyd Mayweather is okay to fight an admitted EPO user, yet Manny Pacquiao is a villain for stating "Of course, I believe Margarito knew, he is the one who wraps his hands,” yet is willing to grant the man another chance.
It was Martin Rogers of Yahoo who recently wrote an article stating “For now he is a conspirator in this ugly spectacle that will only serve to sully boxing’s name further” and later in regards to the use of hand wraps “It is a sporting crime as sickening as steroid abuse and carries the extra horror of potentially inflicting extreme physical damage to an opponent.”
Yet in looking at his Articles last May around the time of Mayweather VS Mosley, you just don’t see the same criticism for what he considered “sickening.” So if these sports scribes view Mosley’s admitted use of EPO on the same level as Margarito’s hand wraps, why is Manny Pacquiao such a villain for fighting a man much bigger than himself after the opponent served his sentence while Floyd Mayweather is supposedly stepping up to fight a once great 38 year old boxer who was guilty of injecting performance enhancers without so much as a mild suspension? Mosley, as much as I like him as a person and a fighter, is an admitted user of EPO and was not ridiculed by Iole or Rogers for attempting to fight Floyd Mayweather. On October 27, 2009, Shane Mosley on camera admitted to taking steroids. This interview took place just months after he brutally defeated Antonio Margarito, and after his admittance, he fought Floyd Mayweather. Antonio Margarito was suspended for a crime just as significant as Shane Mosley, serves his year, and then applies for a license. Yet Manny Pacquiao is somehow at fault for accepting a very challenging and lucrative fight.
I have always respected Kevin Iole as a boxing writer, and I will always be a follower of his literary critique, but after reading his article titled "Margarito’s return should make fans nauseous", I went back and looked to his coverage of Mosley fighting Mayweather, and i just did not see an article where he was balanced in comparison with his view of Margarito.
Why is it that?
In my humble opinion, Margarito should have been banned for life, boxing is a brutal sport, and there is no room for cheating within the realm of accepted brutality. With that said, he was given his sentence, he respected it and even avoided fighting in Mexico where he would surely have earned a hefty payday, and now that his sentence is over he has applied for a license and been granted. I am okay with a man being given a second chance once he has faced the law. I do not like Pacquiao VS Margarito, but at the end of the day, the man took the sentence handed to him while others have engaged in Super Fights without so much as a real sentence, yet you said nothing.
A boxing insider recently pointed out that while Mosley admitted to it, he and Floyd were both American, while Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito are both foreign nationals. I refuse to believe that this is the case for such biased reporting, but hey, you never know.
Why weren’t you writing this about Shane Mosley? Why weren’t you bashing Mayweather VS Mosley? I think most of us know, but we sure would like to hear.
On a side note: The catch weight issue for me really isn't the media frenzy that some would make it out to be. Super welterweight is any weight above 147 and below 155, realistically; a fight at 147 and 1/2 pound is super welterweight and therefore should be sanctioned. If two fighters agree on a weight within the middle weight limit, it is a middle weight bout. People like to point out that Manny Pacquiao has won too many titles at a catch weight, yet conveniently ignore that Manny Pacquiao has only faced two fighters at a catch weight, one for a non-title bout where Oscar De La Hoya dictated the weight, and one where Miguel Cotto agreed to drop two pounds.
What I don't see is a loud outcry against Floyd Mayweather having Juan Manual Marquez come up 17 pounds to fight at a catch weight, Oscar De La Hoya fight Bernard Hopkins at a catch weight for the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO middleweight titles, or Mosley forced to face the kind of heat that Antonio Margarito has faced.
The entire boxing world has watched Manny Pacquiao come up weight after weight, satisfying the desire of boxing fanatics around the universe to see a little man keep pushing up until he hits a brick well, yet he is criticized for asking for one or two pounds when giving up sometimes as much as 15 pounds against a swollen Joshua Clottey. It's entertainment and there is flexibility within the weight divisions, that is precisely why the weight divisions were created with a range, other wise the welterweight limit would be 147 lb, and not one pound under or over.
-By Mr. Gayuma
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