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Where is the woman who saved her son?

By Viga Boland     Sep 1, 2010 in Crime
Hamilton - On the night of her 25th wedding anniversary, Helen invited her son, Chris, 20, to join the family for an anniversary dinner in Niagara Falls. Chris bowed out because of previous plans with friends. As he didn't have a car that evening, he rode his bike.
Heading home up the very dark, narrow and winding Hamilton mountain access known as the Sherman Cut, Chris was hit by a car with no lights on. He slammed into the car windshield and was then thrown into the deep ditch a the side of the road. The drunken driver sped off, leaving Christopher there with a bleeding head wound, glass in the side of his mouth, internal injuries and his legs and ribs fractured.
Chris could have died in that ditch as it was dark and deep and he might not have been found for hours. But thanks to an unidentified woman who had seen the hit and run and somehow managed to record the plate number of the car involved, he's alive today, 15 years after the accident. But who and where is the woman who saved him? That's what Chris' mom wants to know and her goal now is to find her.
Helen Koperniak, Chris' mom, has much heartache in her life. Her husband was bi-polar, given to manic activity when drinking that had Helen living in fear for herself and her children for many years. He once took one of his young sons to Buffalo and then tried to return home without him: he'd forgotten his son in a bowling alley! Another time, crazy drunk, he'd taken his twin daughters for a ride up the mountain at 140k an hour. The girls were terrified.
After Chris' accident, while he was still recuperating at home but not fully mobile, he awoke to his mother's screams at night. He rushed into her bedroom to find his dad on top of Helen with a knife at her throat. And so Helen's life went on and on until finally her husband was committed to the psychiatric unit of Barton Street Jail where he was strangled by a paraoniod schizophrenic.
Today, all that is behind Helen but there's a lingering and deep sadness within her, not being helped by a rift in her family that has left her and Chris not speaking to each other. Nonetheless, she has not given up her search for the woman who saved Chris' life that night. Chris keeps tabs on his mom and is intrigued by her mission. He too would like to meet his saviour.
It would be nice if they could locate this lady and bring some joy to Helen's heart and take some of the sadness from her eyes.
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