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article imageOp-Ed: Recent Mayweather-Marquez fight may have been fixed

By Leo Reyes     Aug 31, 2010 in Sports
As I browse on the comments on my past articles that touched on the recent fights of Manny Pacquiao, Floyd MayweatherJr., Shane Mosley, and Marquez, I came across some comments about the possibility that the last Mayweather-Marquez fight was fixed.
I was of the opinion that in theory the Mayweather-Mosley match could have been fixed for obvious reasons but not the comeback fight of Mayweather against Marquez.
One of the reasons of course is for Mayweather to stay undefeated in his professional career. If Marquez will triumph over him, his precious zero will be gone forever and he won't be able to capitalize on it in trying to give credence to his self-declared supremacy in boxing.
Hundreds of boxing fans from around the world who have read my articles on these great boxers about Niel de la Cruz's conspiracy theory about the the recent Mayweather-Mosley fight, have been urging me to dig dipper into Niel's conspiracy theory as they are bothered by its possible negative impact on the sports.
The Mayweather-Mosley conspiracy theory article has generated hundreds of comments from readers which can support or debunk Niel's theory. I have not drawn my own conclusion other than saying the fight may have been fixed on the basis of inputs from the cross-section of our readers.
But to think that the Mayweather-Marquez fight may have also been fixed as some readers have theorized, seems too remote in my mind even to entertain and write about. Constant and increasing emails from my readers have made me decide to write about it and try to draw comments for other readers to draw their own conclusion.
Was the Mayweather-Marquez fight really fixed?
My own opinion goes as far as I know from watching the fight on several occasions. But I needed to do a little research on the allegations of conspiracy in order to draw a credible stand on the issue.
Why is there a need to fix the fight?
Who are the players in the conspiracy?
How was it carried out to a successful conclusion?
These are some basic questions that need credible answers.
Why is there a need to fix the fight?
I can only think of Mayweather's preservation of his zero loss record as the main reason.
But Niel goes beyond that. He says, Marquez is part of Golden Boy Promotions, being the Managing Partner for Mexico.
Niel says, "So it’s not impossible for GBP to utilize Marquez to hype up Floyd’s comeback in 2009 as the plan was suspiciously to downgrade Manny Pacquiao since Juan is his hardest opponent. Apprehensively, a naturally small Marquez went up to welterweight instead to meet Floyd half way (since Floyd need to outshine Pac in the latter division)."
"Like Mosley’s performance, Marquez was also a different fighter if we compare his passive fight with Floyd to his more aggressive performance against Manny just few years ago. Though, Marquez was a better actor since he was consistent from 1st to last round with Floyd unlike Shane who has obviously shifted gear."
Who were the possible players in the alleged conspiracy?
Obviously, some members of both Mayweather and Marquez camps may have played a role in the alleged conspiracy theory.
Niel listed some key people in the GBP organization but failed to say who among them may have participated in the alleged conspiracy.
Oscar De La Hoya – Founder
Richard Schaefer – CEO
Eric Gomez – Matchmaker
Bruce Binkow – CMO
Jeremy Hicks – Head Accountant
Bernard Hopkins – Managing Partner (East Coast)
Shane Mosley – Managing Partner (West Coast)
Ronald Wright – Managing Partner (South)
Juan Manuel Marquez – Managing Partner (Mexico)
Ricky Hatton – Managing Partner (UK)
How was the alleged conspiracy carried out?
If there was a reason to believe that Mayweather's comeback fight was indeed fixed, it was carried out to maintain and assure Mayweather's reign in the popularity ratings. Otherwise, a loss to Marquez would have brought his marketability down.
Mayweather knew that he will have to deal with Manny Pacquiao one way or the other. When he does, it would be to his advantage if he negotiates as a winner rather than a loser. He had to win over Marquez no matter what it takes to gain an upper hand in dealing with Pacquiao.
Mayweather has been widely criticized for willingly paid Marquez $600,000 penalty for his two pound weight advantage over the Mexican boxer.
Marquez reportedly made almost $4 million including the penalty, while Mayweather made $10 million for a fight that generated just about a million in pay-per-view buys.
During the official weigh in for the 144 pound bout, Marquez weighed in at 142 lbs and Mayweather weighed in at 146 lbs, thereby incurring a financial penalty of $300,000 for each excess pound. Since he was two pounds over, he was fined $600,000.
Later it was revealed that the contract was changed so that Mayweather could make weight within the welterweight limit of 140-147 pounds as long as Marquez received a large guarantee sum of money.
It is quite hard to believe that Marquez would agree to conspire with Mayweather's camp because of his untainted reputation as a professional boxer. However, knowing his business partnership with GBP, one can draw a logical conclusion to the alleged conspiracy.
I am inclined to believe Niel's theory on the recent Mayweather-Mosley fight but I still have to find reliable sources to draw my own conclusion on the Mayweather-Marquez fight.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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