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article imageJames Cameron withdraws from own climate change debate

By Andrew Moran     Aug 26, 2010 in Environment
Aspen - After challenging man-made climate change skeptics to a public debate back in March, Academy-Award winning filmmaker, James Cameron, backed out of the debate that he organized after making several demands.
Several months ago, James Cameron wanted to challenge man-made climate change skeptics to an open debate because he said: “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads."
Cameron challenged Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, Andrew Breitbart and filmmaker Ann McElhinney. He also made several demands, which included his own team of two scientists, a 90-minute debate, live online streaming and even hoped that it would attract mainstream media coverage.
According to the Canada Free Press, the skeptics agreed and everything was organized and scheduled to take place on Aug. 22 at the conclusion of the AREDAY conference in Aspen. However, Cameron made even further demands: Cameron wanted to change his team, make it a roundtable discussion instead of a debate, ban the opposing side’s cameras but he later changed that and wanted all cameras to be banned and only allow audio recordings.
The challengers agreed. Once again, though, Cameron revised the rules and wanted all media to be banned, make the roundtable discussion only to those attending the conference, cancel the online streaming and ban any kind of recording.
The skeptics agreed but on the day of the event, Cameron withdrew from the debate completely. News Busters reports that Cameron’s spokesperson said: “Morano is not at James Cameron's level to debate. Cameron should be debating someone who is similar to his stature in our society.”
Meanwhile, Cameron did attend the conference in Aspen, reports Worst Previews, and called the man-made climate change skeptics “swine.”
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