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article image3 teens dead after appearing on Facebook 'hit list'

By Stephanie Medeiros     Aug 26, 2010 in Crime
In the Colombian town of Puerto Asis, three teens were killed after they were listed on a Facebook-created "hit list" and the rest of the people on it are being threatened to leave or be killed.
Within the span of 10 days, the three teens were murdered and there are about 69 names left on the 'hit list'. This chilling list was only posted a week ago to the social network, and unfortunately, local authorities only thought it was a joke some kids were playing.
This list, as reported by Newser and CNN, stated that the people on it only have three days to leave Puerto Asis or they would be killed. However, when the three teenage boys were finally discovered, they were long-dead before that. Newser reports that the three boys were shot to death while on a motorcycle. The age of the boys were 16, 19 and 20.
Now there are two hit lists, the second one having been recently posted with 31 names of women. Puerto Asis police are now being aided in their investigation by authorities from Bogota, even though they have no leads or know who has posted these anonymous lists to Facebook.
Several locals are assuming that the posts are being published by Marxist guerrillas or by gang members of the Los Rastrojos, who are known for their brutal scare tactics and playing them out. Currently, there is a 5 million pesos reward for any sort of solid information on the killers.
Though while some people may question how a person can anonymously post content to Facebook, the user (or users) is more than likely using a fake name and information. Also, this should be a warning to police globally that hit lists, even on social networks and websites, should be taken seriously regardless.
Locals have been flocking to another social networking site, Twitter. They have been voicing their concerns, worries and pleads of help.
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