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article imageA few things everyone needs to know about the Koran and Islam

By R. C. Camphausen     Aug 26, 2010 in World
To aid the debate about the spread of Islam in the West, this article features a video that reveals facts about the Koran and Islam. Sharia law, Mohammed's early days and other topics are covered.
Before you start the embedded video, please read at least the first part of this article, because it does show the video's relevance to the presently ongoing discussion, in real life and across the media landscape, about 'Cordoba House' or the 'Ground Zero Mosque' in New York.
Abdur-Rahman Muhammad is a writer based in Washington, and once the Imam of a mosque where he taught radical Islamic ideology. Meanwhile, he has changed his radical views and now works to combat Islamic extremism. He's a senior writer for the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) and his work has appeared in numerous publications. In the August 24 edition of Pajamas Media — the name may sound funny but the website content is not -- this ex-radical Muslim has the following to say: If some Americans are suspicious and fearful of Muslims, it’s not without good reason, and nothing their self-appointed leadership has done or said in the nine years following 9/11 has allayed those fears. Non-Muslim Americans have yet to see any clean line of demarcation between radical and moderate Muslims. Everywhere around the globe Muslims are the cause of so much bloodshed and turmoil, making life on this planet a living hell.
A few sentences later, the ex-radical addresses the all too politically correct media who tirelessly promote “interfaith dialogue” and “mutual understanding” by adding the following to the ongoing discussion:
The mainstream media has deliberately ignored the fact that there is legitimate basis for fear of mosques — as it is a demonstrable fact that mosques and Muslims have been disproportionately connected to terrorism in this country and around the world, a fact that the media won’t report. Moreover, in the examples of opposition to specific mosques chosen by the media as evidence of popular “bigotry,” the media has selectively ignored the openly available evidence showing unambiguously that these mosques or their officials are connected to or supportive of the radical Muslim Brotherhood (the parent of al-Qaeda), Hamas, and other radical Islamic fundamentalist organizations.
Start the video now, if you like, because the rest of this article will perhaps only interest you if the video made you curious if all that's being said in the video can be substantiated, or more curious about Islam, the Koran, Sharia law and the very important principle of abrogation inherent in Islamic dogma. The video ends by saying Do your own research, and what follows is a small guide to help you do so, annotated links to interesting online sources..
Abrogation, the English translation for the Arabic term Naskh, implies that if two verses in the Koran (Qur'an to be precise, the holy book regarded as the word of Allah) seem to be at odds with one another, the later verse supersedes the earlier one.
In simple and clear text, this means that Qur'anic verses written in Mohammed's early days as a prophet and revealer of the Koran, those often quoted by people who aim to show that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, are voided and nullified by verses he added later. This does not mean that Mohammed was an author as we usually understand that term. What he did, over time, was to recite the various chapters and verses revealed to him by the angel Gabriel, who in turn had received them from God. The prophet's disciples recorded the verses in writing and they were finally collected under Caliph Abu Bakr (573-634), friend and companion of Mohammed (570-632) and the first Muslim Caliph. Since then, that is the Qur'an, a word that means 'The Recitation.'
A detailed discussion of abrogation can be found in detailed article in the Middle East Quarterly from 2007. There's also a long section on Naskh in the Wikipedia.
Will we get Sharia law? asks the Jackson Sun in an article of August 24, and it notes that there's a precedent for perhaps allowing this, considering that the US, the UK and other nations also have Jewish courts (Beth Din) of arbitration for certain matters.
Just how far Sharia has been allowed to penetrate British society is being shown in a 2009 article in the Mail. Of special interest is the fact that the article clearly shows the inequality between men and women under Sharia. Two female witnesses equate a single male one!
The video also referred to the push of Sharia in other European countries. Here's a short article (2009) about Sharia in Germany, from a website called Islam Watch and a blog about the situation in Sweden.
Last not least, though a part of the Muslim population in Western countries may welcome certain aspects of Sharia law, we should not forget that others have left their country of origin in order to get away from its darker side: the public stonings, the public beheadings, women's inequality, a totally unbalanced divorce system in which a woman must ask permission from the very husband she wants to divorce.
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