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article imageFormer FBI agent claims he has proof Oswald didn't kill Kennedy

By Andrew Moran     Aug 24, 2010 in Politics
Akron - Don Adams, a former FBI agent, believes that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate President John F. Kennedy and claims that he has thousands of records and reports from the National Archives and Records Administration to prove it.
There have been numerous theories of who killed former President John F. Kennedy, including the mafia, the U.S. government, the Federal Reserve, Fidel Castro, KGB and others. Some believe in Occam’s razor: It was one man, Lee Harvey Oswald.
But now retired FBI agent, Don Adams from Summit County, is claiming that he has thousands of reports, records and documents proving that Oswald did not kill President Kennedy, according to Fox News: “It is a fact.”
The Army veteran may have some clues as to who actually killed Kennedy, or at least was behind it. It all dates back to one of his first assignments, which was to investigate extreme right radical Joseph Adams Milteer who was one of the most “violent men in the country.” However, after the investigation was concluded, Kennedy was killed one week later.
U.S. Government
Adams located Milteer a few days after the assassination but the senior agent in charge at the time would not allow a proper interrogation: “I said, 'Boss wait a minute, we have an opportunity to elicit tremendous information from him' and he replied '5 questions and nothing more'."
While researching archives, Adams had found out that Milteer threatened to kill the President on Nov. 9, 1963 and FBI agents lied about Milteer’s exact location after learning about his threat to kill the President.
In a tape recording, Milteer tells an informant that the best way to kill Kennedy “is from an office building with a high powered rifle." The informant then asks if they are really going to kill Kennedy and Milteer responded: “Oh yes. It’s in the works.” A record from the FBI shows Milteer bragging to the informant after the assassination: “You thought I was kidding when I said he would be killed from a window with a high powered rifle."
President Lyndon Johnson being presented with the Warren Commission Report
President Lyndon Johnson being presented with the Warren Commission Report
Cecil Stoughton
Despite the FBI having this information, they allowed Milteer to travel to Dallas. Adams also questioned why Milteer appeared in a photo near Kennedy’s limousine prior to the shooting and why it wasn’t included in the famous Warren Commission Report.
Adams states there were clearly 11 shots fired, witnesses have said they saw Oswald in the break room having a Coke during the shooting and that it was impossible for Oswald to fire three bullets in seven-and-a-half-seconds.
When Adams brought up these concerns, he was told to be quiet: “Don be careful what you say and how you say it."
Decades later, the 80-year-old is now going to publish all of his documents, papers, records, etc. into a book and also produce a documentary: “When we die off, no one will talk about these things. I hope the truth gets told whatever it is.”
Adams' goal is for the U.S. government to establish another commission to re-investigate the President’s death.
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