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article imageProof at last that drinking water before meals helps weight loss

By Viga Boland     Aug 23, 2010 in Health
It should be no news to those who have studied dieting that drinking water before a meal supposedly helps with weight loss. But has anyone proved it?
Well, according to this article, yes!
In what has been described as the "first randomized control trial," researchers took 48 adults, ages 55 to 75, split them into two groups, then put both groups on a low-calorie diet. However, one of the groups was instructed to drink two full glasses of water before each meal.
"After 12 weeks, the non-water group lost about 11 pounds, while the water group lost about 15-and-a-half pounds"
Apparently all participants lost weight, as would be expected on a controlled low-calorie diet, but, as those who have always promoted drinking water before meals have maintained for years now, drinking two full glasses of water before eating makes one feel full and hence, one is less likely to over-eat.
It's also been suggested that drinking all that water before meals may help some cut back on drinking sugary, calorie-laden drinks.
Is it possible to get too much of a good thing? Yes! Drinking too much water can cause kidney damage:
The researchers identified 100 otherwise healthy adults who had a condition called proteinuria — abnormal amounts of protein in their urine.
The adage "all things in moderation" seems to apply here too. But at least, for those who want to lose weight, and apparently, keep it off as well, drinking those two full glasses of water before meals has now indeed been proven to work.
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