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article imageExperts, scientists argue over the safety of contact with aliens

By Andrew Moran     Aug 17, 2010 in Science
Santa Clara - During the SETIcon Convention (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), scientists and experts argued whether or not it would be safe to make contact with extraterrestrial beings. Would aliens inflict harm upon humanity? Or be peaceful creatures?
Renowned astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking, made the case in April that it may not be a wise idea to make contact with extraterrestrials because they could have the means to annihilate humanity and strip the planet of its natural resources.
At the SETIcon Convention in California, experts in the field of astronomy and the search for alien life argued over the safety of humanity making its presence known to the universe, according to Space.
Some experts pontificated that we could be asking for trouble by sending out signals of our existence. Others argued that even if the alien beings were “hateful” what kind of harm could be inflicted at interstellar distances.
“No one can say that there is no risk to transmitting,” said former Chairman of SETI Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics, John Billingham. “Personally, I agree with Hawking and think it may be unwise to transmit.”
Billingham later called for an international committee to conclude if the world supported SETI’s mission of making contact with extraterrestrials.
However, SETI senior astronomer, Seth Shostak, disagreed with Billingham’s idea because planet Earth has been radiating signals from radio and television broadcasts – known as leakage – for decades: “Any society that could possibly be a threat to us can easily know at least that we're here. There's no point in losing sleep over this."
Meanwhile, others also stated that it would not make any sense for an alien civilization to attack Earth because of the time, energy, cost and the transportation of Earth’s resources back to their planet of origin.
“It's completely analogous to ordering a book from Amazon and paying $60,000 for shipping,” Shostak said.
Please note: The video above shows author and professor, Michio Kaku, providing us with an excellent analysis on the search for alien life.
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