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article imageClinton took a stroll down memory lane in Fayetteville, Arkansas

By Kay Mathews     Aug 13, 2010 in Lifestyle
Arriving on a street renamed in his honor, former President Bill Clinton visited the Clinton House Museum, where he and Hillary married and lived in the mid-1970s, and he reminisced about his life in Arkansas.
According to the Clinton House Museum’s Facebook page, former President Bill Clinton “was enamored the minute he stepped on the front porch when he did a double take at the Historic Registry Marker with the bronze embossing of his wedding photo… The whole visit was a trip down memory lane.”
This was Clinton’s first trip back to the 1,800 square-foot- one-bedroom home where he and Hillary married in 1975 and lived “for about a year and a half while the two were teaching at the [University of Arkansas] Law School,” reports NWAonline.
The historic home was located at 903 California Blvd., but according to the Fayetteville Flyer, “It was only last Tuesday [Aug. 3] that the Fayetteville City Council voted unanimously to rename California Blvd. to Clinton Dr. at the request of the Clinton House Museum Board of Directors."
Clinton House Museum.  Fayetteville  Arkansas.
Clinton House Museum. Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Clinton House Museum Facebook photo
The Clinton House Museum offers a timeline of Clinton's life in Fayetteville, Arkansas including these excerpts that focus on the early history of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham:
In the Spring of 1973, Bill and Hillary graduate from Yale Law school. Bill accepts a teaching position at the University of Arkansas Law School. That summer, Hillary and Bill take a trip overseas where “Bill proposes to Hillary on the shore of Lake Ennerdale in England. She says she loves him but not ready to say ‘yes.’ She does agree to come and visit Arkansas and take the Arkansas bar exam, just in case. Both pass the bar and Bill moves to Fayetteville and Hillary goes to Massachusetts to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. Bill moves into a small house on Hwy. 16 built by the famed architect, Faye Jones.”
In the summer of 1974, Hillary accepts a teaching position at the U of A Law School. By November, Bill had just lost a run for Congress against incumbent John Paul Hammerschmidt.
In May of 1975, Hillary leaves on a trip and as Bill is taking her to the airport, they pass a house at 930 California Blvd. Hillary mentions how much she likes the house. In June, “Bill meets Hillary at the airport and announces he has bought her ‘dream house’ and proposes again. This time she accepts.”
On October 11, 1975, “Bill and Hillary are married at their new home with a small group of family and friends" in attendance.
In the fall of 1976, Bill Clinton is elected as Arkansas’ Attorney General and the Clintons move to Little Rock in December of 1976 “and begin their road to the White House.”
During his hour-long visit to the Clinton Museum House, Clinton pointed "to a spot in front of a tall west-facing window in the living room," reports NWAonline, and said, “We got married right here." Clinton also admired a "reproduction of the wedding dress Hillary Clinton wore on that October day in 1975."
Former Pres. Bill Clinton admires a reproduction of Hillary Clinton s wedding dress.  Clinton House ...
Former Pres. Bill Clinton admires a reproduction of Hillary Clinton's wedding dress. Clinton House Museum. August 11, 2010.
Clinton House Museum Facebook photo
As Clinton continued his tour of the museum, he visited with the crowd, signed autographs, and reminisced about his years in Arkansas.
The museum is filled with Clinton souvenirs, photographs, and books, including copies of Bill Clinton's 2004 autobiography "My Life." NWAonline reports that, as Clinton thumbed through the book, he remarked, “The first half of this book is basically a love letter to Arkansas.”
Clinton also toured and dedicated the Clinton House Museum's First Ladies' Garden, designed by Daniel Keeley of DK Design.
Clinton said of the museum home, according to NWAonline, “This is nice. You guys have done a wonderful job.”
As the photo below indicates, there were times when Clinton appeared to have tears in his eyes. Similarly, while Clinton was giving a speech at a fundrasing luncheon earlier in the day for Economics Arkansas, a reporter for wrote about the event saying, "Indeed, throughout his luncheon speech, Clinton seemed wistful and homesick for Arkansas. He talked about old political allies and singled them out in the crowd."
Former President Bill Clinton has a smile on his face but appears to have tears in his eyes while to...
Former President Bill Clinton has a smile on his face but appears to have tears in his eyes while touring the Clinton House Museum. Fayetteville, Arkansas. August 11, 2010.
Clinton House Museum Facebook photo.
Clinton was quoted as saying, "I think about you more than you might imagine."
For more information about the Clinton House Museum in Fayetteville, Arkansas, call 877-BIL-N-HIL (877-245-6445).
(Note: NWAonline is available by subscription.)
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