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Op-Ed: Top 5 websites using HTML5

By Alex Iszatt     Aug 12, 2010 in Internet
As soon as browsers catch-up there will be no doubt that the new HTML5 will be the must-use code. Before it does, what are the new features and what are the top five sites that are using it now?
HTML5 has been the new buzzword in website development for the last few months. Already developers are adapting their websites to feature HTML5 and it won’t be long till more people jump on the bandwagon and take advantage.
Early adopters have been around for years already, and there are several sites which will show you a whole host of HTML5 sites including HTML5 Gallery and 101 Best HTML5 Sites. But due to poor browser support, there have been few corporate examples.
What makes a HTML5 site? Well, as the specification is changing constantly it is hard to define an authoritative checklist.
But some of the newest features include:
• New HTML elements such as <header>, <footer>, and <section> making the overuse of <div> no longer a concern
• A new backwards compatible, easy to remember doctype (at last!)
• Canvas – allowing for animations without the need for Flash
• Video – a highly customisable video player in the browser, again without the need for Flash
Using these features, among others is a definite way to ensure a clean HTML5 structured layout.
Of course, there is always the argument that whatever HTML5 can do Flash can do better. For example, Canvas animations are considered jerky on some computers, something which has long been used within Flash without this effect.
However, Flash is not an option for any of the Apple mobile products and it won’t be long before browsers are improved to a standard where HTML5 issues, such as jerkiness, will be a thing of the past.
HTML5 provides developers with the means to create highly compelling and engaging websites, and it is a real possibility that HTML5 will be preferred by developers when designing web apps in the future.
Here are our top five sites that have embraced the new HTML5 features:
1. Game using Canvas
2. More canvas fun!
3.HTML doctype and elements
4. Nice video element
5. Uses new form elements
Although the initial roar about HTML5 is dwindling, and many are now complaining it is really just a tidy up of HTML4, a cleanup is not a bad thing: HTML4 was born in 1999, and this new evolution was much needed.
Once Internet browsers become more aligned with new languages such as HTML5, and begin adapting to unsure features can be showcased to their best advantage, the next generation of languages can evolve.
Until then, developers will enjoy playing with the code in their free time but it will be a while before they suggest a new HTML5 site to their clients!
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