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article imageShow animals brutalised and kept in poor conditions in China

By Lynn Curwin     Aug 9, 2010 in World
Beatings, whippings and being prodded with metal hooks are all part of everyday life for animals in circuses, zoos and parks across China.
The Animals Asia Foundation released a 28-page report on the conditions faced by these animals. The report was done following a year-long study.
Much of the mistreatment is done to encourage unnatural behaviour such as bears riding on bicycles, toothless tigers riding on horses’ backs, lions jumping through burning hoops, and monkeys doing handstands on a goats’ horns.
The Telegraph reported David Neale, Animals Asia’s animal welfare director, as saying: “Animal performances portray the animal to the public in a humiliating way that does not promote empathy and respect. There is little educational value in seeing animals in conditions that do not resemble their natural habitat.
“Teaching animals to perform inappropriate tricks does nothing to educate the public or foster respect for animals. These performances teach the public nothing except for the animals' size, shape and colour”
The report stated that all of the performances observed were based upon fear and intimidation.
Neale said that many of the animals were also kept in unsanitary, cramped conditions when not on public display. Their enclosures are often barren and dark, and many were found without access to water.
"The combined aspects of performances, abusive training methods and inadequate housing conditions are causing severe animal suffering for many thousands of performing animals across China," the report stated, according to an Associated Press article.
The State Forestry Administration (SFA) launched a campaign to stop animals being abused for profit and display., the latest report is expected to intensify calls for the country to take steps toward passing an animal rights law. A draft proposal has been submitted.
One of the problems with making changes is that the people are used to seeing the animals performing unnatural acts, and shows draw large crowds.
Earlier this year, it was reported that 11 Siberian tigers at the Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo starved to death after being fed only chicken bones for weeks.
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