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article imageStar Wars fans strike back with #wookieleaks on twitter

By Kim I. Hartman     Jul 29, 2010 in World
The Empire is striking back with Twitter's Wookieleaks in what appears to be a massive conspiracy to leak Star Wars classified documents to the world. At this time the Pentagon does not see Wookieleaks as a threat to National Security.
While the Pentagon steps up their efforts to stop the Wikileaks twitter fans are compiling and releasing one hilarious tweet after another from The Galactic News Network, also known to Earthlings as Twitter.
Thousands of hilarious comments compiled from all the Star Wars movies are keeping the world entertained today with some previously declassified information as well as some new, confidential and highly classified information that has Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker wondering what embarrassing information may come out next.
A sampling of the top secret information released includes:
tcarmody -Despite billions invested on construction of an untested defense system, the new Death Star may not yet be fully operational. #wookieleaks
turkshead 'Insurgents' targeted by Imperial Stormtroopers revealed to be cute fuzzy Ewoks. #wookieleaks
SynthBio More oil soaked Gungans washed up on the shores of Naboo today as BP still says there is no leak. #Wookieleaks
GundamWZero Jar Jar Binks cited on impersonating a Jamaican...#wookieleaks
GunnulfTheRed Sources close to the Emperor claim that he was aware of the tragic design flaw that allowed Rebels to destroy the Death Star. #wookieleaks
PhishSlave Retired general, jedi Kenobi arrested after accusations of soliciting young farm boys on Tatooine
MrJohnRain #wookieleaks Weapons of Mass destruction apparently found on Alderaan
FatGiant Leaked docs show proof that Princess Leia is really Luke's sister
RT @kchams New evidence shows @darthvader's mask is not "life support" as stated on Imperial tax returns
gregdektest RT @wookieleaks Wookie population purring loudly in anger after #WookieLeaks is accused of disseminating false information.
theothercheney Darth Vadar is really Dick Cheney in disguise and has ties to the planet Endor.
Skywalker has yet to respond to a leak claiming that Darth Vadar may not be his father while one source claims Vadar said, "Luke you're not my son."
Check out more of the fun at Twitter #wookieleaks and be sure to check out #wookieeleaks as the intergalactic battle rages on over which spelling is correct for Chewbacca and friends.
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