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Landis continues accusations against Armstrong

By Michael Bearak     Jul 23, 2010 in Sports
Floyd Landis continues to sling accusations at Lance Armstong regarding blood doping, drug use and other forms of cheating in cycling.
It is beginning to seem like we can't get through a week of sports without Floyd Landis accusing former friend and teammate Lance Armstrong of cheating. Friday Landis will be interviewed on ABC's "Nightline" in his first television interview since he admitted that he himself used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career.
During the interview it is being reported that Landis is will again sling accusations that Armstrong would conduct illegal blood-transfusions in an effort to up his red blood cell count. An elevated red blood cell count helps with endurance and is a banned practice.
What an athlete does is they have pints of blood removed weeks ahead of time, this allows the body to regenerate red blood cells. Then before the race the athlete has his or her blood infused back into their body, jumping their red blood cell count up giving them a competitive advantage. This is a practice that Armstrong has long denied.
Landis is also once again claiming that Armstrong even gave him testosterone patches.
In response to the newest round of allegations by Landis, Armstrong's attorney Tim Hermon summed it up by saying, "Landis is a confessed perjurer and he is a liar, and I think, as Lance said ... when you taste milk to see if it's sour, you take a first taste and you don't have to drink the whole carton to know it's all sour."
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