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article imageInterview with Eric Wheeler, the 'Autograph Stalker' Special

By Matt Harding     Jul 24, 2010 in Entertainment
What do you get when you cross an autograph seeker with someone who writes witty letters to celebrities? You get Eric Wheeler, the 'Autograph Stalker.'
The 'Autograph Stalker' is Eric Wheeler, a Californian whose humorous blog should be made famous. His clever letters to celebrities, which, in essence, are made to obtain the celeb's autograph, are incredibly humorous and thought out tremendously well.
Digital Journal got the chance to ask Wheeler a few questions about the blog, his method, and why he is the autograph 'stalker.' Here is the Q&A:
I originally found you via -- Is that where you get the addresses to mail these celebs? I use two websites and Both websites are good and I usually double check both websites prior to sending a letter to make sure they both have the same address. I like for checking on the most recent successes I believe it is more user friendly.
How do you decide what to write to these celebrities?
The celebrities are the last thing in the equation. I come up with the idea for the letter first, then I research which celebrities might have a certain hobby, interest, or ailment. From there I go to and and check for address for celebrities that match the subject and who responds. Once I have the list of celebrities I usually go for the one I like the best.
Which celebs haven't responded to your letters?
I currently have 27 letters out without a response. Some of my earlier letters I don't expect to get a response from. The letter I sent out to Donald Trump was originally sent to Howie Mandel. After months without a response from Howie, I researched other celebrities with obsessive compulsive disorder and found Donald Trump. Others I don't hold out home from getting a response is Elton John, Suzanne Somers (her letter was resent to Jillian Michaels), Pam Anderson (her letter was resent to Cloris Leachman and I am still waiting on that one), Toby Keith, Ellen Degeneres (her letter was resent to Alicia Silverstone and I am still waiting on a response) and finally I have come to the conclusion that professional poker players don't appreciate my letters because they don't respond to me. Finally I sent a letter to Don Novello who played Father Guido Sarducci on Saturday Night Live back in the 80's I believe. I had to send him a letter because he started the crazy letter sending in the book the Lazlo Letters. I never received a response and I cannot resend his letter unless you know anyone else arrested at the Vatican for impersonating a priest.
Are there any celebs you're mailing currently, and is there any new letters that you have received?
As I mentioned I have 27 letters out now with a few more written ready to be sent. I usually post them as I get them. I have a few letters that I really enjoyed writing that I am waiting on a response such as Steve Martin; Robin Williams; Penn and Teller and Sarah Jessica Parker.
How did you come up with the name of the blog? The 'stalker' part, of course.
I am not sure how I came up with the name Autograph Stalker. Obviously the Autograph part is self explanatory but I just image whoever opens the letters and reads them pictures me as a stalker who is hiding in a dark room in front of a keyboard, which is pretty much true.
Which letter/autograph is your favorite?
My two favorite autographs are Betty White and Ann B. Davis. I got Betty White's autograph prior to the airing of the Snickers commercial which brought her back into the spotlight. I like to think that she actually read my letter. I enjoyed the personalized letter from Ann B. Davis (Not to mention I am a huge Brady Bunch fan). Some of my favorite letters that were answered are Al Gore; Jillian Michaels; Donald Trump and Jay Leno. My favorite letter I am still waiting on a response is Robin Williams because it is really hard to come up with an acronym for menstrual cycle.
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