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article imageRare Corpse flower to become 29th to bloom in US history Special

By Kim I. Hartman     Jul 18, 2010 in Lifestyle
Houston - A flower is causing quite a stink in the Houston Museum District. It's called the Amorphophallus Titanum, better known as the Corpse Flower because of its bad odor. Named Lois, she is a rare endangered plant and becomes one of 29 to bloom in the US.
Houston Museum of Natural Science Horticulturist Zac Stayton says Lois is on display 24 hours a day at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
The stinky smelling flower stands nearly 6 feet tall and weighs 30 pounds. Once it blooms the smell is something awful. "People compare it to a mix of rotting vegetation and rotting flesh" says Stayton. Flowers like Lois grow in the rain forest. So this may be your only shot at seeing and smelling such a sight.
The bloom is a deep purple and measures about four feet wide.The funny-looking flower will stay in bloom just two to four days so if you can't get there to see her in person you can go take a look at Lois on the museum's 24-hour Webcam and you won't even have to hold your nose. You can just take in her beauty whenever you like.
This is not your average pungent plant and definitely not one to take home to the wife.
Lois has become quite popular with visitors and tourists hoping to get a peek at her ever changing form, as she prepares to bloom. One of the museums summer volunteers and a fan of Lois's has written a song titled an "Ode to Lois" and sings to her numerous times per day to the delight of the visiting crowds.
The Ode to Lois is written and performed by Kelsey Williams and can be seen here.
Now if you can't bear to wait for Lois to bloom over the next 24 hours you can go watch a 2006 time-lapsed video of a Corpse Flower that bloomed at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. This was a incredible bloom to see in person, the vibrant color and the odor have to be experienced so if you can get to the Houston Museum of Natural History don't miss this one of a kind, rare opportunity.
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is the home to this Corpse Flower that bloomed just under 5 years ago which...
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is the home to this Corpse Flower that bloomed just under 5 years ago which pleased both visitors and staff at the facility which had not seen a corpse flower bloom since 1939.
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