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article imageForensic experts on ABC say Mel Gibson tapes were tampered

By Kim I. Hartman     Jul 17, 2010 in Entertainment
West Hollywood - Another not so shocking twist in the Mel Gibson saga. Forensic audio/ video experts and editors featured on an ABC interview publicly stated that the "racist rant" tapes have been tampered with and were made for professional distribution.
While most of the country has been gathering sticks and rocks to beat and stone Mel Gibson, some experts have been studying the audio tapes in hopes of gaining a grasp on the authenticity of the content. The statements made on the tapes have been condemned and questioned since Radar Online started airing them daily over the last week.
Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard of Radar Online Website told ABC News "Oksana feels her life is in jeopardy, she feels her only recourse was to record the rantings. The rantings of Mel Gibson in which Howard says he "tried' to or threatened to kill her at least twice."
Oksana Grigorieva denies she released the tapes and now some are questioning the integrity of the tapes as well as that of Grigorieva, Howard and whoever was hired to piece these portions of audio together. Was Oksana planning to profit from this messy breakup and these horrible abusive conversations beween the once happy couple? hired forensic audio and video specialists who have worked on high profile cases such as the JonBenet Ramsey and the Natalie Holloway cases. After they examined the recordings for Hollywood their conclusion is - "they have been tampered with."
Experts believe they used professional microphones to record the audio portions when Grigorieva speaks and that they were professionally remade for distribution by experts and were edited to remove and insert words as needed to show Gibson to be a raging man full of racist comments.
Whoopi Goldberg said in a previous report by DigitalJournal, "I think he's an asshole. Drunks say stupid stuff to people all the time ... because they're drunk, they're out of control, they're not thinking, they're idiotic."
Noone has denied the voice or at least most of what is said is definitely Mad Max or Mel Gibson or whether or not he may have said all of these things.
Whoopi is speaking out in defense of the racist charges against Gibson and says at no time has she seen or experienced any actions and treatment toward her and her family that were in the least bit derogatory or racially motivated.
"I have had a long friendship with Mel. You can say he's being a bonehead, but I can't sit and say that he's a racist having spent time with him in my house with my kids."
ABC interviewed Bonnie Fueller, Editor-in-Chief and President of Hollywood Life website who also said that no one can authenticate the tapes either way at this time which is why they hired forensic experts to review them to settle the matter. She said that the experts said they have studied the tapes and in their opinions the tapes have stops, spaces and gaps and are spliced together and pieced together from multiple conversations.
She said one of the tapes did appear to be an entire conversation but the rest do not have the same appearance or quality of sound and are pieces of tapes put together to construct a conversation in a negative way, not that Mel needs any help, but was this necessary?
Is Oksana out to make all the money she can make as quickly as possible now that her days with Gibson as a partner and mate are over? Did she think some cheap tapes would benefit her more then being as civil as possible for the babies sake to the get the custody issue and child support settled and move on?
Arlo West, forensic auditory expert from Portland Maine told the ABC correspondent that he doesn't think the tapes will benefit her or anyone, he "found gaps, transients and fades and all three of these things would be considered when authenticating an audio itself."
West said he "believes the tapes were professionally done, he thinks she has had help, She was clearly speaking into a large microphone" in what sounded like poor acting to me. He said her voice is well engineered on the taped recordings. The problem he puts forth is "to authentic these recordings it would take all the original tapes so they could examine them and look for certain criteria that would be present."
No one can confirm or deny if Radar did any editing of their own to these supposedly "leaked tapes." They deny any editing and Arlo West seems to agree with them, that they are not responsible for fabricating the tapes or editing in any form.
To be blunt West say they can't be authenticated since all copies have come from secondary sources. Original tapes would be necessary to have available to study.
How will these tapes be used in court? Only time will tell if the altered tapes will be thrown out of court like Oksama alleges her teeth were when she claimed Gibson busted her in the mouth.
Gibson is listening to wise advise to not give a statement at this time.
Was Mel abusive, obnoxious, vulgar and rude on the tapes? Absolutely. Is he the first or last man or woman who will do and say the same ugly words? No way. Is this excusable? Of course not. Should America get their knickers out of a wad and go watch Gibson on television in Braveheart and let the man self-destruct on his own? Yes, perhaps that too would also be wise advice.
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