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article imageWoman arrested by Toronto Police for blowing bubbles during G20?

By Andrew Moran     Jul 16, 2010 in Crime
Toronto - There were more than one thousands arrests during the weekend of the G20 Summit, which saw riots, demonstrations, vandalism and violence. One arrest includes woman who was detained after she was blowing bubbles in front of Toronto police officers.
The Toronto Police released a G20 ‘top ten most wanted list’ this week as the G20 investigative team is still trying to arrest assailants who initiated violence and took part in the various vandalism across the city of Toronto.
A new video, uploaded onto YouTube by the Real News Network, which has gone viral, shows a young woman, Courtney Winkels, blowing bubbles in front of two police officers.
The video starts off with Winkels blowing bubbles in the air in front of the cops. One female officer asks the girl what her name is but Winkels replied, “My name is... a mystery.” The female officer began to laugh.
Police blocking protesters from walking on the road.
Police blocking protesters from walking on the road.
However, the male police officer warned Winkels that if the bubbles touched him, it would be classified as assault and he would arrest her for it. “Do you understand me?” asked the male officer.
Winkels asked, “Bubbles?”
“Yes, that’s right, it’s a deliberate act on your behalf, I’m going to arrest you. You either knock it off with those bubbles. If you touch me with that bubble you’re going into custody.”
Winkels tried to get further clarification from the officer but he concluded with, “Discussion over.”
A gentleman then intervened into the situation and bluntly stated, “For a billion dollars I could’ve got someone with a better attitude.” However, the officer stood there and said, “Okay.”
The video proceeds to show Winkels being arrested and put into police custody. She is escorted into a police truck with another girl.
However, according to CNews, Winkels confirmed that she wasn’t arrested for blowing bubbles but instead detained for wearing a backpack and having a lawyer’s number written on her arm. She was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit mischief over $5,000.
“The fact is that the bubbles had nothing to do with my arrest,” she said. “The reason I was arrested is because I was wearing a backpack and had a lawyer’s phone number written on my arm. This number was given out by lawyers, and they advised us to have it written somewhere on our bodies,” said Winkels. “My medical supplies were taken and suggested they could be used as evidence for my charge.”
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