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article imageFirst Game Console to Receive Hulu Support

By Aaron Robson     Jul 15, 2010 in Technology
Today the PS3 became the first game console to receive Hulu support available to all PSN plus members. How ever there are several strings attached.
Sony has announced that for those who have Playstation plus, a free Hulu App is available as of today that can be found in the Playstation Store online. Unfortunately having Playstation Plus is only the first step to acquiring access to the online video player.
The free Hulu App only allows the user to access a preview of Hulu, much similar to the ones available for the iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Television sets. Once the user has acquired the App from the Playstation Store, they can send in a request to have access to the full program which will provide them with the full Hulu experience with Hulu Plus.
Although it is possible to send in for applications at this point, Sony has not mentioned how long the waiting period would be for requests so at this point Hulu Plus seems to be an exclusive feature if anyone has managed to acquire the program yet.
Even though there are several strings attached to this new feature available for the PS3, it still marks Sony's game console to be the first to receive Hulu Support. The Microsfot Xbox 360 is due to receive Hulu functionality but not until at least another 9 months, in Spring 2011.
With this new feature, it becomes more obvious that Sony wants to make good on their promise, "PS3, it Only Does Everything."
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