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Grandmother accused of hacking woman to death with axe

By Laura Trowbridge     Jul 14, 2010 in Crime
Highland Park - A 26-year-old mother is dead after her three-year-old son's grandmother reportedly used an axe on her, holding her hostage while she bled and died in front of her young son.
Highland Park Police, Detroit Police, Michigan State Police, hostage negotiators and S.W.A.T. teams were all on the scene, but for several hours the grandmother was inside the house with her grandson and the bloody body of his mother, not allowing anyone to help them.
"When we went in there, the lady, her leg was cut up with the axe and her neck and stuff, and that lady drug her in the basement and they (are) still in the basement. She's got the baby down there hostage and the lady still with the axe still," Joe, a neighbor told myFoxDetroit.
The incident happened around 12:30 pm on Monday with neighbors trying to help before the law enforcement officials came. Not until around 4:15 p.m. was three-year-old Carlos rescued, and shortly afterward his grandmother was apprehended and led out of the house by police.
Relatives said 26-year-old Milah Perry had stopped by the home of DeCarlos Stewart to pick up their three-year-old son, Carlos, Jr., but she was attacked with an axe by DeCarlos' 60-year-old mother.
Charmiria Ashford, Perry's cousin, said a woman ran from the house screaming: "'My mama killing Milah! My mama killing Milah!'
This lady is holding her body and my three-year-old cousin in the basement hostage with (an) axe."
Relatives said Milah Perry was inside the home, bleeding from her wounds, but nothing was done for many hours. When DeCarlos Stewart tried to run up to his house, police stopped him, even handcuffing him and escorting him away.
Police did ask the neighbors and relatives to pray, joining in the prayer service, as well.
Carlos, Jr. is reportedly okay, despite reportedly watching his grandmother hack his mother to death, and being held hostage with his mother's body for several hours in the basement of his father's house by his grandmother.
Perry was also mother to a six-year-old daughter, who was not at the house with the three-year-old boy.
Another cousin of the victim, Christell Ashford, said: "She could've easily turned on him. She has mental issues, so we don't know which way it could've went. So, just thank God he came out one piece."
MyFoxDetroit was told that the grandmother had just recently moved to Michigan from the South, and had first attacked Perry with her fists on Sunday. Perry was warned by family members not to go back to the house, but she returned Monday to pick up her son.
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