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article imagePsychic octopus Paul beats parakeet for World Cup prediction

By Laura Trowbridge     Jul 11, 2010 in Sports
Now everyone knows which one is the most reliable psychic creature on the face of the planet. Paul the octopus beat Mani the ringnecked parakeet in predicting the correct outcome of the World Cup final.
Octopus Paul will go down in history as the one who got it right. Actually, he got all eight predictions correct that he made for the World Cup games. He correctly foretold each of Germany's matches, despite the one that nearly cost him his life. He most likely hesitated on that one since he knew it would make the Germans want to put his head (and tentacles!) on a platter once his choice proved true.
When he made his prediction, not involving Germany, of who would win the final match, he chose Spain. He was then challenged by a little ringnecked parakeet belonging to a fortune teller in Singapore. The parakeet backed the Dutch to win.
According to Adelaidenow, a spokesman for Paddy Power bookies in England reported that the bettors there began backing Spain once Paul chose them as the final winner. He became so famous for his spot-on predictions that it was given a name: "The Paul Effect".
Now that Paul has had a 100% success rate for his entire World Cup predictions, Spanish businessmen have offered 30,000 euros to buy the octopus to use him as a mascot at a gastronomic event, reports ibnlive. If the Oberhausen, Germany aquarium refuses to sell Paul, the businessmen are hoping to borrow him for the festival on August 8.
Now that the World Cup games are over, this may not quite be the end of Paul still grabbing media headlines. The official story of his background has been challenged. He was supposedly born in Weymouth, England before being transferred to the Germany aquarium, and is reportedly two years old.
But his trainer Verena Bartsch has just dropped a bit of a bombshell. She claims that she "caught Paul in April in the sea off the Italian island of Elba, near Tuscany, and he was four weeks old at the time. Italian media immediately renamed him Paolo."
This may just be the beginning of the debate over Paul's lineage. Is he Italian, English or really just German now?
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