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article imageGroup wants to bring back true meaning of the swastika

By KJ Mullins     Jul 9, 2010 in World
Toronto - On Sunday the International Raelian Movement will be gathering around the world, including Toronto and Vancouver, for "World Swastika Rehabilitation Day (WOSRED)."
The group wants to bring back the positive meanings for the swastika that they say was hijacked by the Nazis. According to Joseph Kollar, the spokesman for the Raelian Movement in Canada, the symbol's ancient history was of peace, good luck and harmony. Kollar added in a press release that "the swastika is one of the world's oldest symbols and it can be found in many religions and traditions, on all continents!"
The swastika can be found, says Kollar, in Native American artifacts like Navajo carpets and Apache baskets. Back when Coca-Cola was just a nickel it was the shape of a lucky fob. In Israel the symbol is on the floor of the Ein Gedi synagogue.
In 1908 a small community in Northern Ontario was named Swastika. During World War II Canada wanted to change the mining town's name but the community refused insisting on the fact that it held its name long before the Nazis corrupted the swastika symbol. The symbol can also be found at Toronto's York University on the campus.
"This emblem comes from the Elohim, our extraterrestrial creators, who, thousands of years ago, scientifically created all life on Earth in laboratories, including human beings, using their perfect mastery of genetic engineering and DNA" Joseph Kollar said. "This origin explains why this emblem or parts of it can be found worldwide in most religions and cultures. It can be seen today on temples and shrines across Asia, and we want to see it rehabilitated worldwide."
The event will take place at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of College and Yonge Street in Toronto this Sunday and in Vancouver B.C. at 1:00 pm, starting at the small park where Davie and Denman streets meet, on the north west side.
"We hope to coordinate our actions with those of world religions retaining the swastika as a sacred symbol, like The Buddhist and Hindu religions" said Mr. Kollar, noting that Raelian actions in Canada will take place in Toronto and Vancouver. Other events took place in June in Miami, Los Angeles, London, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney and Lyon.
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