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article imageTopFinds: Cargo ship smashes into land, rise of

By Chris Hogg     Jul 9, 2010 in Internet
A cargo ship runs aground in Chile. Germans want to eat the psychic World Cup octopus. Rent a friend for only $10. These are the top stories from around the world.
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page.
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Here are your top Digital Journal reports, top news photos, top stories in the media and top blogs, as decided by you and the community.

Top Digital Journal Reports

Severe winter storm: Cargo ship runs aground in Chile (Includes first-hand account) by Igor I. Solar
A wind and rain storm that began last night in the port city of Valparaiso, Chile, has caused a freight ship to run aground where is being heavily hit by the strong waves.
Cyndi Lauper headlines Pride Week concert Saturday night (Includes first-hand account) by KJ Mullins
On Saturday night a packed Queen's Park in Toronto greeted her with cheers as she headlined Pride Week. She took to the stage as only a true performer can-with gusto and a touch of magic.
Laredo, Texas braces as flooding engulfs Rio Grande basin (Includes interview) by Lynn Herrmann
Residents along the Rio Grande River between Texas and Mexico have prepared for major flooding as the remains of Hurricane Alex forced the region’s dams to capacity and a “wall of water” is set to descend on border cities.
Snakes taking over gardens in West Virginia town (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Kim I. Hartman
Are they black snakes, black racers or black rat snakes? While no one seems to know what they are, one thing they all agree on - they need to go back to where they came from. See the videos of snakes in the gardens and backyard in this small town.
Internet cable fault disrupts African links to Europe and Asia (Includes interview) by Christopher Szabo
The undersea high-speed Internet cable linking eastern and southern Africa to Europe and Asia has suffered a fault, causing online disconnections and disruptions in browsing and Internet banking.

Top Images

Germany-Spain at the Bread and Butter trade show in Berlin  July 2010
Germany-Spain at the Bread and Butter trade show in Berlin, July 2010
Image of person of interest concerning G20 crimes.
Image of person of interest concerning G20 crimes.
Toronto Police handout
Cop dressed as woman
Cop dressed as woman
A SAAF Hawk and two Gripen fighters fly low but not slow over a rooftop in Pretoria.
A SAAF Hawk and two Gripen fighters fly low but not slow over a rooftop in Pretoria.
Five Elements show  Berlin
Five Elements show, Berlin

In the Media

Mel Gibson allegedly told girlfriend she deserved to be hit by KJ Mullins
Has actor Mel Gibson's latest scandal completely tarnished his reputation? It is now being revealed that he allegedly told his girlfriend that she "deserved it" when he slapped her twice in the face while she was holding the couple's child.
German fans want to eat World Cup psychic octopus Paul by Laura Trowbridge
German fans are upset and calling for psychic octopus Paul's head after he successfully predicted Germany's defeat to Spain in the World Cup semi-finals.
Accused spy's ex-husband sells nude photos to tabloids by Jason Smith
Anna Chapman, who is accused of spying for Russia, is angered that her ex-husband sold naked photos of her and lied about her to tabloid newspapers, says her lawyer.
New rule makes violating BP oil spill 'safety zone' criminal by Bill Lindner
Anyone breaching a 20-meter safety zone established by the Coast Guard around all Deepwater Horizon clean-up and response operations may face fines and felony charges.
Dating website asked its members to rate World Cup players from the most beautif...
Dating website asked its members to rate World Cup players from the most beautiful to the ugliest. Spain and Italy came out on top with the most beautiful players.
Screen grab (
Website ranks World Cup Players on their looks by KJ Mullins
The dating site that says no to ugly people,, has ranked Spain and Italy as the most beautiful team. England's Wayne Rooney takes home the trophy for being the ugliest player at the World Cup.
Another rare white raven born this year on Canadian beach by Stephanie Dearing
Qualicum Beach, a beach and town on Vancouver Island British Columbia, has been home to rare white ravens for the past few years. This year, at least one new white raven has hatched, prompting birders to flock to the seaside paradise.
Need a friend? Now you can 'rent a friend' for $10 per hour by Andrew Moran
Are you lonely? Is your social anxiety playing a big part in your inability to meet people? Now meeting people is as easy as clicking a button at where you can view more than 200,000 profiles and pictures.
The big one: California's future earthquake probabilities by Christopher Wager
California has a 99.7 percent chance of having a 6.7 magnitude earthquake or larger. Johnny Carson once made a joke when he said "Things are looking up California; the mud slides are putting out the forest fires."
Johnny Depp in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Johnny Depp in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
E1 Entertainment
Johnny Depp to star as Doctor Who? by Mathew Wace Peck
The news that the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp had signed up to star in a big-budget movie version of Doctor Who has the Internet rumour mill into warp drive.
New York man blows arm off with fireworks by Kim I. Hartman
An Islip Terrace man has been hospitalized at Southside Hospital tonight after blowing his arm off his body in a horrific accident. The man took a direct hit from a mortar he was launching. Friends packed his arm in ice for the trip to the ER said police.
Mars, Saturn, Venus create celestial line, triangle in July by Andrew Moran
During the fourth of July weekend, Americans will be able to see the planets Mars, Saturn and Venus make a celestial line. Towards the end of the month, they will form an isosceles triangle. Even Mercury will make a brief appearance.
George W. Bush ranked as worst modern president, FDR best by Kay Mathews
The Siena College Research Institute's survey of more than 230 presidential scholars ranked America's 43 presidents and found Franklin Roosevelt rising to the top spot and George W Bush falling to number 39.

Top Blogs

Isn't Aging Fun? by Cynthia Trowbridge
Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids?
Day 37_Thessalon by Ken Wightman
We spent last night at Miss Ellie's B&B in Wawa. Sometimes when the Internet promo says, "Your hosts are . . .," the word hosts is used rather loosely. This is not so at Miss Ellie's. Eleanor and Roger Jolie truly are your hosts. You feel like you are staying at a friend's home --- and, in a sense, you are.
Wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy by Debra Myers
A day without sunshine is like night...On the other hand, you have different fingers....
Secrets of the Maasai by Natalie Peart
East Africa is home to the infamous Maasai warrior, found in The Rift Valley area of Kenya and Northern Tanzania this indigenous semi-nomadic tribe is one of the most famous in the world. Their presence in and around the well known safari parks in East Africa makes them easily spotted by tourists.
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