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article imageCan you find the $10,000 treasure chest buried in NYC? (video)

By Kim I. Hartman     Jul 8, 2010 in World
New York - Somewhere in New York City there is a buried treasure chest filled with coins worth $10,000, and if you find it, it's yours, according to a mysterious website.
"We be a collection of fools," I can't believe we lost our gold, said the motley crew of pirates in the trailer video, found on this site.
This is the teaser to find the 10,000 coins and the preliminary pieces to the puzzle you will have to solve if you want to be successful on your search for the missing gold filled treasure chest.
This wooden chest filled with $10,000 in U.S. currency is buried somewhere within the outer boundary of the five boroughs of New York City which include Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and Queens. If you want it, you will have to decode the videos presented on the new web series which premieres August 1st, 2010.
It is unsure whether this treasure hunt is not a prank.
The pirate adventure and the first clues will be released August 1, 2010. For now you can scour the website in search of a clue that might get you a step ahead of the competition and check back on often through the end of this giveaway to see the daily news reports and status of any known treasure hunters closing in on this bountiful bonus of $10,000 in coinage.
Wondering what $10 000 in gold looks like?
Wondering what $10,000 in gold looks like?
So how do you get started?
Your search has already begun. It began when you opened this news page and we'll keep you posted with each clue as soon as its released. In the meantime you can also go to and study the site so you're prepared to grab your sharpest sword, eye-patch and wooden leg as soon as each clue is made public on the Internet.
Is this for real? Yes, absolutely. This is not a joke or a stunt.
On to the details-
A treasure chest filled with ten thousand dollars in US Mint one dollar coins is buried somewhere in New York City. A new Internet video series gives clues to the treasure's location, and a second teaser video has been released. This new trailer presents the $10,000 treasure in its entirety as further proof that this is indeed real.
The currency was buried by puppets…who forgot where they put it. Now the web-series is helping its viewers find the treasure. Eight weekly videos will be released, chronicling four puppet pirates and their attempts to retrace their steps to reclaim their lost treasure. Hidden in each video are clues and "easter eggs" that will lead the viewer to the buried coins.
This is not a contest, or a product endorsement, the website states. If viewers watch all eight videos, find the clues and solve the puzzles, they can find the treasure chest. - can you figure out the clues in this 8 week promotion and be the first to find t... - can you figure out the clues in this 8 week promotion and be the first to find the gold and claim it for your own?
In the video, the puppet pirates discuss the treasure hunt. "You think we're workin' fer somebody?" said Mulligan, the ship's First Mate. "Heh. That's a good one. You know we're pirates, right? Who would we work for, Johnny Depp?"
Added his colleague Crothers: "I didn't know we had one video. Now you're saying we have two videos. And video; to be honest, I'm not familiar with that word."
Fellow pirate Tom declined to comment, the Captain having reportedly killed Tom's Japanese translator over an amusement park dispute. When questioned, the Captain appeared unwilling to deny the allegation.
"I said, 'I want's tha red bumper car!' and he says, 'But I'm already sittin' in it.' So I shot his arms off! If any media-type folk wants anythin' from Tom, they can speaks to me. Now bugger off. I gots no comment."
Check back here at for details, be prepared to read more information moment it's released.
Embarrassed about throwing Johnny Longbottoms overboard  Captain pretends he doesn t see Crothers  a...
Embarrassed about throwing Johnny Longbottoms overboard, Captain pretends he doesn't see Crothers, and Crothers pretends he can't see Captain.
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