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article imageExplosive super rockets recalled, July 4th fireworks safety tips

By Kim I. Hartman     Jul 3, 2010 in World
Charleston - Super lightning rocket fireworks have been recalled. Thousands of injuries are expected from sparklers, firecrackers, and aerials this year. Consumers are urged to put safety over stupidity when using, lighting and launching fireworks at home.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants consumers to put safety in play if fireworks are a part of your Fourth of July celebration this year.
A new CPSC study (pdf) indicates that in 2009 there were two deaths and nearly 9,000 emergency room visits for injuries resulting from fireworks related incidents.
Most fireworks injuries occurred to consumers younger than 20 and resulted in the loss of a limb in many cases. Males make up 75% of those injured.
Statistics show more then half the injuries involved hands and fingers, with burns being the most common injury from unsafe use of fireworks. Eye injuries from foreign bodies ranging from contusions to lacerations are second on the list of injured body parts.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall and multiple warnings on the popular Super Lightning Rocket Fireworks. They have issued this recall due to risk of explosion and burns from this rocket which were overloaded with pyrotechnic composition, violating the federal regulatory standard for this product
Super Rockets are sold in many states ranging from Florida to Pennsylvania to Michigan and possibly other states illegally. This recall involves stick-type rockets with 1 1/2-inch in diameter engine that is mounted on 32-inch wood stick. The engine is wrapped in black paper with a background of solar system and the writing "Super Rocket," in assorted colors. The rockets were sold in packs of four, and have item number GCR3150 printed on the front of the package and on the rocket engine.
Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed and return them for a full refund. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.
Fireworks like the one shown in the video are illegal in many states including West Virginia, know your local laws and ordinances.
"Consumers need to heed our warning, fireworks related incidents, especially those involving illegal fireworks, can be fatal," said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. "Only use legal fireworks and follow CPSC's tips to for a festive and safe weekend."
State laws vary on legality of fireworks, for more information on your state laws can also be found at the National Council on Fireworks Safety web site.
If you're planning to purchase fireworks for personal use, the Fireworks Safety Council and the CPSC want you to be aware of safety information to protect yourself from injury.
Take the fireworks safety test and then check your answers here to ensure you have a safe and fun fourth of July celebration.
Watch the Michigan firefighter's rap in the latest of viral videos right here at Digital Journal as reported on by Cynthia Trowbridge. These brave fellows have created a safety tips video suitable for the entire family, while providing safety information for younger children that is easy to understand for curious kids who don't know the dangers of lighting fireworks they may find or get from an older teen or adult.
Keep fireworks away from kids warns the National Safety Council. Fireworks can turn a joyful celebration into a painful memory when children and adults are injured while using fireworks. Fireworks should be used only with extreme caution. Older children should be closely supervised, and younger children should not be allowed to play with fireworks, including sparklers.
Video's such as the one shown here are not rare! They are representative of the unfortunate popularity of combining stupidity, video cameras, teenage boys and fireworks (and sometimes brew). This happens in every city in the country and many thousands of these insane stunts can be found on so be sure your teenagers know the dangers of this holiday tradition. A split second and a lapse of good judgement can be severely painful, deadly or leave burns and injuries with lasting effects.
4th of July
4th of July
Wikipedia - 4th of July
Leave the fireworks to the professionals says the Teay's Valley Fire Department when contacted today. The city has a community display and offers free foods and ice cream as well as music and other events to entertain the kids over the weekend.
The Mayor of Hurricane, Scott Edwards, is hosting this large community gathering on Saturday evening he announced this evening by phone.
There are public displays across the country scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. Check your area for a safe event to attend if celebrating the 4th of July includes fireworks for you and your family.
In Washington, DC you can attend the wonderful display at the Washington Monument that includes a day of festivities, bands and picnics on the Mall. A busy event to get in and out of but definitely worth seeing at least once. Take the train and leave the cars at home if you want to avoid the parking expense and difficulty in finding a legal place to park your vehicle.
Consumers who decide to purchase legal fireworks are encouraged to take the following safety steps: Obey the local laws and use common sense, Always read and follow instructions, Always have an adult present, Keep burning sparklers away from clothing and flammable objects, Only use sparklers outdoors, away from buildings and vehicles, Light only one sparkler at a time, Alcohol, fireworks and sparklers do not mix. Be responsible- Do not point or throw sparklers at another person, Children under the age of 12 should not handle sparklers, When finished, place used sparklers and fireworks in a bucket of water.
Do not use fireworks in a way that is inconsistent with their design and instructions.
CPSC staff has reports of two fireworks-related deaths during 2009. Both fatalities involved aerial shells. In the first incident, a 41 year-old male was killed in an explosion of a professional display mortar shell that he lit in his backyard. In the second incident, a 26 year-old male lit a consumer grade mortar shell that was in a launching tube that he held over his head. The shell discharged from the bottom of the tube resulting in a skull fracture. CPSC staff has reports of seven fireworks-related deaths in 2008.
Make your holiday a safe one by following these few tips and by purchasing only legal fireworks. The fire department has enough to do this weekend so know where your fireworks will land before you light them and avoid areas with dried tall grass and wooded areas that can catch fire and burn quickly. Happy 4th of July.
Planning to grill hot-dogs this weekend? Read how they are made and what's inside them before you light the grill.
In other news- NY Man blows arm off in fireworks explosion while launching mortar rockets
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