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article imageOp-Ed: Filipino President Benigno Aquino III, a Messenger of Hope

By Maria Narissa Aranzanso     Jul 2, 2010 in Politics
The inauguration of Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III as the fifteenth president of the Philippines became a symbol of hope. The downhearted Filipinos pictured him as an instrument to 'a new Philippines' after listening to his inaugural speech.
Philippine president Aquino's speech raised different reactions which include skepticism and doubt though most of what the nation feel now is a state of euphoria. The Filipinos in their hunger for a better life in the Philippines is now assimilating the president's promises encompassed in his speech. The people seem relieved of the pangs of poverty, corruption, unemployment, and hunger that were aggravated by the kind of governance the previous administration had. The jubilation seem to have caused the people to forget temporarily the true situation at hand - a very huge debt to handle and resolve, a growing number of poor and hungry people, a corrupted government, a stink bureaucracy, a large number of unemployed, and many more.
The President's speech is a strong one to have made the people hope. It verbalized the real and existing sentiments of the common tao (people). It mentioned about how the past government failed to do what must be done - to serve the people who had given them their trust to govern the country. It spoke of how the people had endured and was forced to work in other countries to provide for their families and loved ones. It expressed of why there is a need to change, that he is to serve the country as a public official, as a servant of the people, and 'not to lord over the people'. It revealed of lifting the nation from poverty 'through honest and effective governance'.
And a lot of promises that were mentioned. Simply, the speech is a promise. It is no different from the other speeches of the past presidents that were also filled with pledges and vows, which some were even more articulate and highfalutin.
But what made it powerful? What made it seem persuasive? Though the Filipino people have yet to realize that the fruit of the pudding is in the eating, they have embraced President 'Noynoy" Aquino. Perhaps it is the sincerity that is felt every time he speaks. Perhaps it is the people's hunger within to be liberated from oppression, direct or indirect, inflicted by the previous administration. Perhaps it is the desire to hope for the motherland.
We have to thank President Noynoy therefore. He had made us Filipinos hope for the 'peace and quiet we crave for'.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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