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article imageOp-Ed: The Disgusting Ignorance of G20 Protesters

By Robert Onley     Jun 29, 2010 in Politics
Toronto - While protesters were blindly smashing windows, torching police cars, and causing unnecessary destruction in Toronto, a far more noteworthy story tragically slipped past the raging mobs of havoc-wreakers, and past many Canadians.
Two more Canadian soldiers were killed fighting in Afghanistan this weekend. Master Cpl. Kristal Giesebrecht, 34, and Pte. Andrew Miller, 21, were killed Saturday when their armoured vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan’s Panjwaii District, about 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City.
As protesters complained of having their “rights” deprived after being briefly “detained” by police, likely with good reason or as a precautionary measure, two Canadian soldiers paid the ultimate price while serving their country overseas.
The contrast could not be more stark between the whiny, sickly teenagers and university students “fighting” against the “new world order,” and the brave medics who were literally fighting radical Islamic terrorists on the other side of the planet in one of the most backward, violent nations on earth.
Receiving a baton to the head or being shoved by riot police in order to preserve security and then complaining about it, inarguably pales in comparison to the Canadian soldiers who daily carry 40 kilograms of gear while truly marching in 40-degree Celsius heat, constantly on the lookout for an enemy that literally wants to kill them.
The “dramatic” pictures of mildly bloodied, pale and thin protesters are pathetic examples of an entirely purposeless generation of youth with nothing better to do than organize group temper tantrums in front of Canada’s finest police forces. The protesters’ chants and breathless declarations of solidarity against an invisible “corporate enemy” are disturbing indicators of people who know absolutely nothing of what it means to fight for a real cause.
With no deaths, no real injuries, and nothing to show for their protests, the Black-Bloc and other pseudo-anarchist groups are nonetheless claiming victory against the Canadian “police state” and all its alleged evils. But as the bodies of the two medics return home to Canadian soil today, the anarchists in Toronto this weekend are seen as merely representing the shameful and disgusting ignorance pervasive among the radical Left fringe.
For the anarchists, theirs’ is a world consumed with selfish (and hypocritical) counter-culture behavior, and a produce-nothing rabble-rousing infatuation with long-buried Marxist ideologies. Wearing Converse sneakers and black Levis jeans with iPod’s in the pockets, their chants against the capitalist world order and other darling causes of the Left, are as repulsive and moronic as they come.
For the soldiers, theirs’ is a life embodied by selfless and courageous action in the defense and promotion of the very freedoms and liberties that the idiotic protesters blithely claimed were stripped away. Wearing army boots and cargo pants, carrying C7 rifles in their hands, Canadian soldiers walk into the most dangerous situations on earth to help bring peace and security to a land and a people that have known nothing but war for generations.
Aside from the ubiquitous “Bring the Troops Home” signs, the absence of any acknowledgment of the sacrifice wrought in Afghanistan speaks to the selective ignorance of the protest crowd. Yes, there were many legitimate causes represented at the protests, many peaceful protesters and indeed protesting is entirely legal and can even be effective. This is not the issue.
The disconcerting reality is the fact that so many young men and women were entirely willing to publicly and violently resist a Summit whose very purpose is to address the myriad economic and social problems plaguing the world today. Without coordinating financial policy among the world powers, the global recession could very well get much worse, with devastating consequences for us all.
Thus the very tax-payer funded health-care and social services enjoyed by the protesters here in Canada would be endangered if not for progressive actions by world governments to stabilize and grow the global economy. Protesting international dialogue is akin to demanding a return to uncooperative self-interested nationalist policies, a dangerous and damning position.
Smashing the windows of legitimate businesses, armed with full stomachs and bloated egos, all while screaming nonsense about some secretive global agenda, is a far cry from the Canadian medics in a far away land helping Afghanis with little to eat and a nearly non-existent government, let alone basic health-care.
These same Afghanis could care less about the dubious anti-globalist claims of anarchists in Toronto, when their lives are daily threatened by a very real enemy in the Taliban, led by men who do not hesitate to murder fellow citizens for the most ludicrous of “offenses.”
Our globalized world requires — surprise — global coordination. In the same way, threats to our way of life from Islamic extremists demand international cooperation to defeat them. Quite unlike the protesters’ cowardly anonymous black garb, the grave multitude of problems facing the world today demand action by real men and women in uniform, whether police, fire or military.
Brave Canadians soldiers lost their lives helping revive an utterly desperate nation in Afghanistan while protesters recklessly and ignorantly made a mockery of the rights and freedoms that so many around the world are denied every day. For shame.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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