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article imageWill extraterrestrials help celebrate America's Independence Day

By Stephanie Dearing     Jun 26, 2010 in Entertainment
The US's largest patriotic holiday is fast approaching. The 4th of July celebrates Independence Day - the day the United States of America was founded. Some believe extraterrestrials will visit the States on that date too.
Normally the 4th of July is celebrated with "... picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag," according to USA Government.
This year, in what appears to have become a new tradition for Independence Day, UFO buffs and fanatics say the celebrations marking the anniversary will be helped along by visitors from outer space. Well, that's the optimists. Others are predicting that any visit by extraterrestrials on July 4 will be hostile.
Between the continuing devastating effects of the recession on the USA, the Gulf Oil Spill, the erosion of the authority of the Government of the USA as related to the moratorium on off-shore drilling among other issues; people need a safe outlet for their stress. Today's current events are helping to foster the growing chatter about a possible extraterrestrial visit or possible invasion of the United States this July 4.
One writer, Matt Clark, posted an article on Gather summing up the internet buzz over the fast-approaching July 4th celebrations.
It appears that some people believe the fireworks are a signal to extraterrestrials, drawing them to Earth to help celebrate the anniversary. Clark said there has not been confirmation from major media sources that aliens from outer space would attempt to contact Americans on July 4th. The way to get ready for contact with aliens, Clark advises his readers, readers "... is to read alien books and watch popular films which portray aliens."
Internet chatter on the upcoming 234th celebration of the Independence of the United States is building as the day draws closer. Reflecting the tensions being experienced Americans, some sources are predicting a hostile encounter with extraterrestrials, while others are pointing to a more earth-bound crisis.
With barely one week before the big day, the world will know soon enough whether or not the predictions will come to pass.
Last year a predicted attack on the USA by extraterrestrials failed to occur. Weekly World News chalked up the non-event to efforts made by President Barack Obama to avert the anticipated war of last summer.
Folks in Roswell, New Mexico are offering up a unique way to celebrate July 4th by holding the annual UFO Festival from July 1 - 5th reports KRQE News. The UFO Festival offers up a host of activities and entertainment well worth taking in, if you happen to be in the area.
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