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article imageWho is Dr. Malachi York? Special

By Andrew Moran     Jun 23, 2010 in Politics
Toronto - Since the imprisonment of Dr. Malachi York several years ago, supporters of the author and historian have protested his arrest. But as people walk by and watch the demonstrations, one must ask the quintessential question: Who is Dr. Malachi York?
During Tuesday’s demonstration in Toronto, there were people who came up to a couple of the activists and said they have followed Dr. Malachi York’s work, while others approached the group and asked questions, such as, “Who is Dr. York?” and “Why are you guys standing here?”
Malachi York’s legal case does not appear on the nightly news and his work is not in every Western university classroom. So who is Dr. York? Why is his situation important to so many people? What is Nuwaubianism? Why care?
Digital Journal will attempt to summarize his life and his situation, which has brought together thousands of people from around the world, in order to gain a better understanding of this influential individual.
About Dr. York
Malachi York, also known as Dwight York, Melki Sedec Isa Muhammad and dozens of other aliases, was born on Jun. 26, 1945. York was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is an author, musician, scholar, historian and founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, or better known as Nuwaubianism, which was originally established as a Black Muslim group during the 1970s in New York City.
York was also a singer who was the lead singer of Jackie and the Starlights, the Students and Passion. In the 1980s, York established his own record label called Passion and released his debut single “It’s Only A Dream.”
The author has written more than 360 books on subjects relating to history, science, religion and others. Such books include “First Language,” “The Garden of Eden,” “The Birth Ceremony,” “Could Jesus Transform Himself?” “Is God A Wimp?” “Are There Black Devils?” “What and Where is Hell?” “The Hidden Meaning of Freemasonry,” “The Mystery Clouds: Are They UFOs?” and countless others.
Protest to release Dr. Malachi K. York in Toronto
Protest to release Dr. Malachi K. York in Toronto
Andrew Moran
York’s practices, beliefs and teachings
A lot of Malachi York’s beliefs have been called unconventional and controversial and they are something that the mainstream culture tends to avoid or immediately dismissed. However, a lot of what he has discussed in the past has come to light by very few people, including Alex Jones, William Cooper, David Icke, Zecharia Sitchen and Jordan Maxwell.
York’s books and lectures have touched upon the subjects of quantum physics, history, archaeology, sociology, anthropology, geopolitics, genealogy, religion, science and music.
For example, in the book “The Man of Many Faces” by Yovan Christenson and Adafa Nimruwd Nicol-El, one of York’s beliefs, which was made famous by Zecharia Sitchin in the 1970s, is that there is an extra planet in our galaxy called Planet X, or Nibiru. This planet, according to York, is described in “the ancient Sumerian tablets as a fleet of ships sent out from the Annunaki’s home galaxy, Illyuwn, to search the universe for mineral resources.”
Another example is York’s belief in Atlantis, which he states was called “Atlan” and was center of the empire of Amaxum. This empire was founded by the descendants of Nuwbuns from the continent of Africa. This area was located, says York, between the Americas and Africa where they were once located around the Gulf of Mexico. York urges people to use the Matching Continental Outlines where it will reveal a large hole around the current location of the Caribbean Islands.
Global demonstrations took place to protest the imprisonment of Malachi York who many believe to be ...
Global demonstrations took place to protest the imprisonment of Malachi York who many believe to be innocent of his charges. Some think that his arrest is part of a grander scheme.
York’s past and present experience with the United States justice system
According to a June 2002 edition of the Washington Times, York was sentence to probation after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of raping a 13-year-old girl. Later, he was sentenced to three years in prison for assault and resisting an officer.
The Liberian Diplomat and Nuwaubians had a fierce dispute with the government during the 1990s after the group created Tama-Re in the state of Georgia, which was an Egyptian-theme city that featured pyramids, ruins, temples and even living spaces for Nuwaubian followers. The complex was built on 476 acres and was completed in 1993.
The area was later acquired by the government through asset forfeiture in 2005, which was then sold. Majority of the buildings were demolished and torn down.
In Apr. 2004, York was sentenced to 135 years in prison after he was arrested in May 2002 on child molestation charges. His expected release date is Dec. 15, 2119. However, activists believe his arrest was wrongful under the laws of the U.S. justice system.
The group further provides document and video evidence that one of the child victims lied about her testimony, while another alleged victim was bribed by the FBI. York has accused the court of prosecutorial misconduct.
Global demonstrations took place to protest the imprisonment of Malachi York who many believe to be ...
Global demonstrations took place to protest the imprisonment of Malachi York who many believe to be innocent of his charges. Some think that his arrest is part of a grander scheme.
Project: Rise Up explains that he was sentenced on Martin Luther King’s birthday, which is a statutory holiday and violates Habeas Corpus. In an e-mail to Digital Journal, the group states, “The campaign will highlight the violation of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday by officials who chose to contravene the Federal Holiday law which is a direct violation of Title 5 USC § 6103, and Public Law, Section 2 98-144, by holding trial court on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, as well as a myriad of other Constitutional violations.”
Tristen Coffey, a Toronto organizer for Project: Rise Up, explained to Digital Journal in October, “It’s basically a massive embarrassment of the United States judicial system. I can’t even tell you how much money they spent on this Waco-type raid that they did.”
A spokesperson for the group stated in an e-mail that they will not let the U.S. tarnish MLK’s legacy and “If we let them get away with desecrating King’s birthday, we’ll allow them to destroy the movement, the dream, and the legacy of a great man.”
The next step
According to a press release from Project: Rise Up, the organization will host a global demonstration on Aug. 27, 2010 on Capitol Hill in Washington, which is one day prior to the March on Washington that was held on Aug. 28, 1963.
Coffey told Digital Journal on Tuesday that he is glad that people are joining the organization and fighting for the cause. He further said that the young people are realizing what’s going on in this world and that “we just need more people to fight the injustices committed.”
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