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Inside phishing fraud masquerading as PayPal Special

By Richard Mccallum     Jun 22, 2010 in Internet
This morning as I took my morning coffee, I found an email from PayPal asking me to revise my account.
Because I receive fees from PayPal I went to the site but something did not smell right.
It was not until after I had given my password and about a quarter of my identity information that I remembered that this email was from a spam account that I had with
PayPal is a regular mailer on my contact list and therefore should not have gotten placed in my spam file.
While I may have some refined knowledge, computers are not my strong point, so I erased the information and went back to my mail files under PayPal and they are listed as - not PayPal Corp. I had been on the verge of being phished.
I called the PayPal contact number and when I asked if PayPal was revising its accounts the customer service rep who told me it was a phishing scam.
The site that I had gone to was a virtual doppelganger for the PayPal site but one of the giveaways that the site demanded that the recipient change their information today or their PayPal account would be revoked.
In all my communications with PayPal they had reminded me that it may take up to 72 hours to revise information.
"If you receive any email that you think may be suspicious relating to PayPal, please forward those emails to, there we immediately forward them to the proper legal authorities and shut down their site on that day. " said CSR Shelia Smith of the Accounts Security Dept at
"Before clicking a link in an email, put your cursor over the link and look at the web address.
If it doesn't start with then do not click it."
"A PayPal email will never ask you for any of the following: bank account numbers, debit or credit card numbers,driver's licence numbers, email address, or your full name."
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