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article image'Toy Story 3' hits the big screen

By Michael Bearak     Jun 19, 2010 in Entertainment
Toy Story 3 hit the theaters on Friday to huge crowds of children as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their friends run through another exciting adventure when they come to the realization that Andy is leaving for college and leaving them behind.
Rock Hill, South Carolina--The movie theater was full of of children and their parents ready to see the third installment of Disney--Pixar's 'Toy Story.' Leading up to the release of this installment the first two were re-released in 3-D, for now 'Toy Story 3' has hit the big screen for just regular viewing.
The story picks up with Andy, the human owner of the toys, now age 17 getting ready to leave for college. The toys hadn't been played with in years, and from the storyline Andy really hadn't given them much thought either. The toys realize that their usefulness to Andy has past them by and now was the scary realization that they would either be donated, thrown away or put in the attic.
Andy pulls out a trash bag and starts putting the toys in the bag in order to store them in the attic. The whole time his younger sister is nagging him about his room and any belongings he isn't planning on taking to college. In the end he is left with Buzz and Andy. Buzz ends up in the bag destined for the attic while Andy gets tossed in a box to go with him to college. The one hic-up is that Andy's mother ends up putting the toys by the curb and that is where the adventure begins.
The long and short is that the toys end up at a daycare where we are introduced to an old teddy bear who acts like he is warm and lovable. When all the toys, including Woody, end up in a room with a group of children who are determined to destroy them they realize that they have to make a break for it. After all, Woody is supposed to be going to college with Andy and the rest of them are supposed to end up in an attic for Andy's eventual children.
Not to ruin the entire movie it is worth pointing out that Buzz ends up with a love interest (the feelings are mutual too) in a cow girl named Jesse. Buzz through a turn of events also ends up showing himself to be a hot, Latino, lover as he attempts to woo Jesse.
All the while Andy, who was actually taken home by a little girl named Bonnie, is trying to spring the gang from this horrible daycare which is ruled by the teddy bear, along with a baby doll, and a Ken doll. Of course the gang brings with a Barbie and we see the movie relationship between Ken and Barbie with scenes in Ken's playhouse. Ken has a wardrobe that would make any woman jealous and of course Barbie ends up just so in her attempt to seduce Ken to help free her friends.
In the end all the toys of course end up at home, and once again are packaged back up to go to the attic, but again there is a twist and there is a "moral" in the ending. Most parents can probably relate to the fact that their children end up with too many toys and in the end the 17-year old boy comes to a decision about donating his toys with some help from Andy.
In the end there are plenty of jokes that adults will pick-up that flew over the heads of the children, classic Disney-Pixar form to keep everyone in the theater interested in the movie. Remember too at the end to stick around for the closing credits as movie footage continues with the new lives of the toys as well as changes at the daycare, again more comedy ensues.
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