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article imageCanadians warned about items in yard sales

By KJ Mullins     Jun 7, 2010 in Internet
Having a garage sale? Did you know you are legally responsible for ensuring that products sold, new or used, must be safe and meet safety standards? Health Canada has issued several warnings to prospective garage sale organizers.
Every year Canadians make a few extra dollars selling off their unused items at garage sales. Garage sales are a great way to down size your material inventory while making a profit but you have to make sure the items that you are offering are safe.
If you sell or even give away an item that does not meet the requirements of the Hazardous Products Act you could be liable in civil court.
For instance, baby walkers are banned in Canada. They have been illegal to sell since April 2004. The government advises those who still own one to destroy it and discard it so that it can never be used again.
Did you know that cotton or cotton-blend children's sleepwear is only allowed for tight-fitting styles, such as sleepers or polo pajamas? It's considered to burn too easily for other children's sleepwear.
Is your makeup counter overflowing with unused makeup? It's best to simply declutter the items straight to the trash. Used, old, or damaged cosmetics should never be sold.
Older cribs are generally not within current standards.
Hockey helmets and face protectors sold in Canada must meet safety standards set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). If there isn't a sticker there isn't a legal sale.
Lawn darts have been banned in Canada.
Toys are an iffy sort. Many have recently been recalled because of lead. Check toy recall lists before placing price stickers.
Health Canada warns about toys with magnets:
"Small powerful magnets used in toys, figurines, science kits, board games, and other household items may pose a hazard if the item is small enough to be swallowed or if the small magnet breaks away from the product and is swallowed. If a child swallows more than one magnet over a short period of time, the magnets can attract one another while travelling through the intestines. When this happens, the magnets can twist the intestines and create a blockage or they can tear through the intestinal walls. The results can be very serious and even fatal. Check toys for loose magnets before selling them. Due to recent recalls on this type of product, check that toys have not been recalled before selling them."
To check for consumer product recalls posted by Health Canada:
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