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article imageNew Zealand Prime Minister tells too much at press conference

By Igor I. Solar     Jun 6, 2010 in World
Auckland - John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, did not provide much of an answer on the subject of budget cuts to Early Childhood Education at a press conference, but discussed his reproductive capability (or lack thereof).
There is a controversy going on in New Zealand on budget cuts to the Early Childhood Education program (ECE) which could result in a decrease of teaching staff and a raise in fees paid by parents.
Prime Minister John Key was answering questions from reporters at a press conference on the subject last week. When a reporter asked if he would be happy to send his own children to a drastically reduced ECE he replied:
I think if I sent my 15-year-old or 17-year-old to early childhood education at the moment, they'd have a meltdown.But what if wife Bronagh had another child?
Rebutted the reporter.
I'd be extremely worried because I've had a vasectomy
Key replied.
The reporters, stunned, went suddenly silent for a brief moment. Soon, they recovered from the unexpected overflow of personal information and when Key said: Any other questions? a reported softly asked:
Did it hurt?
Not overly, actually. All I can say is that it has been highly successful. But anyway, we won't get into that either.
The openness of the Primer Minister about his successful snipping has made headlines in international media.
NZ Prime Minister John Key  his wife  Bronagh  daughter Steffi and son Max  (2008).
NZ Prime Minister John Key, his wife, Bronagh, daughter Steffi and son Max (2008).
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