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article imageWife drugs, then shoots sleeping husband is aquitted of murder

By Laura Trowbridge     Jun 4, 2010 in World
An Australian woman put sleeping pills in her husband's curried prawns meal and waited until he fell asleep before shooting him twice in the head.
Susan Falls, 42, of Caloundra, Australia admitted to drugging her husband and shooting him after he fell asleep in May 2006. She testified it was in self-defence after 20 years of abuse.
According to Sky News, two of the couple's teenage daughters watched their mother shoot their father once in the head as he slept. They waited for him to die, but two hours later Mrs. Falls went back to shoot him again in the head.
Mrs. Falls left her husband's dead body in the house for three days before paying three men to dispose of it in the woods.
In court, Mrs. Falls told the jury her husband had a violent temper.
She said little things would set him off, such as their three-year-old child making noise, or if his breakfast cereal was too soggy.
She suffered a burn on her arm from an oxy-welder, bruised ribs from being punched or kicked in the chest, and countless black eyes and bruises all over her body.
"Later I would ask him 'why do you keep hurting me?' and he'd say 'I black out and I don't know half the stuff I do'," she said.
The final straw was when she said he threatened to kill one of their children.
Mrs. Falls and the three men who disposed of her husband's dead body were found not guilty after less than 90 minutes of jury deliberation. Only one of the men was convicted of a charge of supplying the weapon, for which he was sentenced to community service by the judge.
Anthony Van Donselaar, brother of Mr. Falls, said: "I am totally disgusted with the legal system in this case; we have been let down beyond belief.
"Me and my family will be doing everything in our power to make sure that justice is served in this case.
"We have been betrayed by the prosecution and the police in this matter; the legal system has truly failed us.
"She shot her husband dead, admitted to it and is still not going to jail. How does that work?"
An uncle of Mr. Falls supported Susan Falls, calling her his "hero" for saving the lives of herself and her children.
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