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article imageOp-Ed: Obama's Katrina Moment Serves as Double Trouble

By Daniel Stafford     Jun 3, 2010 in Politics
When President Bush reacted to Hurricane Katrina, many on the left argued he didn't react soon enough. And, while most on both sides agree with this argument, the talk of how Obama has handled the BP oil spill has not escalated to the same effect.
After all, the ball was left in the hands of BP for nearly 30 days before any notable action from Obama took place. This is contrary to his ideology of big government stepping in and controlling every little thing they can. From health care to the auto industry, skeptics are left pondering why Obama has not acted sooner, leaving untested recovery and stop-leak measures in the hands of big-oil company BP. But that is only the half of it.
What about those displace by the floods in Tennessee? Where was the President's reaction during the worst flood in Tennessee history?
Obama ran on the idea that if there was either a natural or "man-made" disaster during his presidency, he would handle them better than Bush did during Katrina. Well, that idea hasn't worked so well.
First, take a look at the "man-made" disasters. All of which have been very close calls. However, it's the reaction from his Administration an himself that has failed. Most recently, his lack of reaction to the BP oil spill caused outspoken outrage by leadership in Louisiana when Bobby Jindal said, “We have been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late to stop the oil from hitting our coast."
Second, his reaction to natural disaster has definitely fallen short in the flood-stricken state of Tennessee. Now, if he were to be pressed about this issue, he would most likely entertain the idea that the people of Haiti needed more help at the time. After all, Obama seems to hold other nations and states higher that that of America.
While Obama wants to admit it or not, this is his Katrina moment, and whether he reacts or not, he is fundamentally wrong. His lack of reaction shows his disdain for Americans. His delayed reaction shows his lack of experience and leadership.
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