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article imageUS troops build-up in Afghanistan overtakes Iraq troops count

By Leo Reyes     May 24, 2010 in World
The United States now has more troops deployed in Afghanistan than in Iraq. The troops buildup started when US President Obama sent thousands of troops to the country just a few months after he took office.
The Pentagon reported Monday there are now 94,000 troops in the war-torn country which is 2,000 more than the 92,000 troops stationed in Iraq
In 2009, roughly 30,000 troops were stationed in Afghanistan. This number has risen threefold since US president Obama took office in January.
The US offensive in Afghanistan started when Osama bin Laden used his influence over the Taliban in his terrorism activities which resulted in the World Trade Center attack that killed nearly 3,000 people mostly Americans.
In 2001 former US president George Bush issued an ultimatum to the Taliban regime demanding among others, the surrender of al-Qaeda leaders to US authorities, release of foreign prisoners including Americans, protection of journalists, diplomats and aid workers in Afghanistan, closure of training camps and full access to these training camps by US authorities to verify their closure.
The Taliban government responded through their embassy in Pakistan, asserting that there was no evidence in their possession linking bin Laden to the September 11 attacks. They also stressed that bin Laden was a guest in their country. Pashtun and Taliban codes of behavior require that guests be granted hospitality and asylum
Because of the hard-line attitude of the Taliban on terrorism issues raised by the US in its efforts to put an end to the al-Qaeda terror network, president Obama deemed it proper to add more troops to Afghanistan to reinforce the 30,000 troops originally stationed there.
US troops in Iraq are gradually being recalled and by 2011, all US forces will leave the country in accordance with the security agreement with Iraq.
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