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Sex blogger wins libel damages for 'hooker' headline in newspaper

By Laura Trowbridge     May 22, 2010 in Lifestyle
Famous blogger of graphic female sexuality content Zoe Margolis has won her court battle for libel against the newspaper that called her a hooker.
According to Zoe Margolis' bio on her website, she started writing the anonymous blog Girl With a One-Track Mind in 2004.
"A sexist double-standard about male vs female sexuality still exists, and which chastises women if they express sexual wants and needs; I hoped my blog would provide a counter-balance to this old-fashioned attitude," Margolis wrote.
Because of the blog's huge popularity, she was asked by a publisher to write a book based on her blog. The book was published in 2006 under her pseudonymn, Abby Lee. That is when the trouble began. The Sunday Times ran an exposé on who she really was, opening the door for all sorts of "gutter press" to find and harrass her.
Two months ago she wrote an article for The Independent about attitudes towards women and sex. The headline for the article that the newspaper printed was “I was a hooker who became an agony aunt.”
The newspaper apologized and issued a correction, changing the headline to "Zoe Margolis: I'm a good-time girl who became an agony aunt." The damage had already been done though, and Zoe Margolis decided to sue for libel.
Margolis was awarded "substantial damages" (reportedly around £50,000 plus legal costs) at the Royal Courts of Justice.
She told Sky News she was glad the case had been resolved after just two months and she was satisfied with the outcome.
"The experience of having my reputation tarnished has been absolutely devastating," she said.
"It's really important to me to clear my name so that when people search for me on Google they find the facts."
She said The Independent calling her a hooker was "ironic" after she has spent the last six years challenging stereotypes about women who talk openly about sex.
"It is about as damaging a libel as they could have made, as though someone writing about sex must also be selling it. It undermined everything I had been trying to get across in my articles and books," Margolis said.
There are plans to develop her first book into a screenplay and adapt it for stage, as well. Her second book, "Girl with a One Track Mind: Exposed" came out in March of this year.
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