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article imageNinjas ambush muggers in dark alley, saving German student

By Bradley Axmith     May 21, 2010 in Crime
Sydney - Three criminal assailants’ assault and mugging of a 27-year-old German exchange student on the streets of Sydney were interrupted by a band of ninjas, leading to the arrest of two of the attackers.
Three suspects identified a target on the Sydney train traveling late at night and asked him to give up his wallet and mobile telephone. After he refused, they lurked off until a more opportune moment when their victim found himself in a dark alley.
Luck, however, was not on the side of the marauders that night. When the would-be muggers went after the victim, five black-clad agile warriors suddenly appeared in aggressive attack stance.
The five ninjas were students and a master of the adjacent Ninja Senshi Ryu School, a learning centre for those seeking knowledge of the Japanese martial arts used by the Shinobi (ninjas).
According to the Ninja Senshi Ryu homepage, “Ninjitsu is a unique Japanese art form that is based on the power and energy of natural movement.”
The natural movement of the attackers in this case was swift, as they fled the scene and left their victim bruised and battered. They took his phone and iPod. The victim was otherwise less scathed than he would have been had the ninjas not come to his aid.
Sydney police quickly arrested two men, aged 16 and 20, and they're currently executing a manhunt for the third suspect whose picture they released to the public, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Ninjitsu stems from feudal Japan, in an era when war engulfed peasants and noblemen alike before unification under one emperor. The Yamabushi, later to be known as ninjas, were mountain warriors who sought protection from constant conflict in secluded highlands.
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