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Facebook Restores 'Draw Mohammad Day' Page UPDATE Page Removed

By Johnny Simpson     May 20, 2010 in World
Upon checking links, Twitter, Google updates and the EDMD page, it appeared Facebook had taken down the main 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' page. Facebook reported a glitch. UDPATE: Hot Air reports the main EDMD page has been removed. LATEST: A hack job?
The original (and now 100,000-plus member) 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' Facebook page is now back online. It was down for at least 30 minutes that I counted. All my links to the main page, photo albums, all of them were redirected to my homepage for that entire time period. You can verify this event by the many comments on the restored main EDMD page and new updates on Google. What's going on at Facebook? Why was it taken down? And how is it now back up? Was it all just a big glitch, as Facebook just publicly stated? If so, why is it down again? More glitches? Or is it all the heat?
CONFIRMED: Michelle Malkin is now reporting that the EDMD Facebook page was down too. Also, a new post from the Christian Science Monitor titled "Draw Mohammed Day: Bold affirmation of free speech or malicious attack on Islam?" Comments are piling up. Just as hostile and Wild West free speech as Facebook was. For as long as comments are allowed. The Huffington Post ended them for one 'Draw Mohammad Day' oped right after it posted. But Wikipedia has a rather sizable entry page on the controversy, given it's only a month old.
GONE AGAIN? Why now, at 9:10pm this May 20, is the EDMD page not accessible again? Redirect. Only the remaining second EDMD page is still up. This now has 12,000 members, but the original was well over 100,000. Check the link to the remaining EDMD page. Piling up fast with most hostile comments over this second Facebook 'glitch.' Check it out. For as long as that page is still up, that is. Facebook needs to answer some very tough questions. Perhaps a very good place to start asking would be the secondary EDMD page while it's still up. People are taking screen caps in case of more 'glitches.' Lot of those going around lately.
UPDATE: Did Facebook pull the EDMD page? Or is it Denial of Service hack attacks? Also, ten of twelve top US cartoonists explain why they won't draw Mohammad today. Amazingly the original EDMD cartoonist, Ms. Molly Norris, is one of them. Or, maybe not so amazingly. Maybe this is amazing? Molly Norris has disavowed and apologized for her EDMD concept.
REMOVED: The popular news and opinion blog Hot Air is reporting, via Pajamas Media's Ed Driscoll, that the main Facebook EDMD page has now been removed. Cached screenshots and live URL provided in the Driscoll/Hot Air link. By the way, the Facebook page devoted to opposing Everybody Draw Mohammad Day is still up and running. Looks like the perpetually offended of Islam are hailing censorship on our free speech turf. Wonderful. Et tu, Facebook? No statement yet by Facebook on their main Facebook page. Eerily quiet on EDMD, actually.
But Facebook management did say this in their earlier 'glitch' statement:
"Once alerted to the problem, we resolved it as quickly as possible," the company said in a statement to "We want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feelings of others."
I don't know about you, but I see a major gulf between those bold words and the EDMD page removal today. Meanwhile, the 131,000-member Against EDMD Facebook page is reveling in victory. Must be nice. Maybe the conversation needs to be moved there. In related good news, Gateway Pundit reports that Apple has removed an iPod app that criticizes Mohammad and Islam. Commentary Magazine Online pundit J.E. Dyer is recommending a Network Your Drawing of Mohammed Over Every Apple Device You Own Day in defiant response. And the Jewish Internet Defense Force website calls it as they see it: "Facebook Submits to Islam." Cartoonist Zapiro isn't submitting. To mortal threats he now faces in South Africa by radical Islamists for his own mild contribution to EDMD, he fired back: "Get over it." Brave guy.
Hmm, curious. You have to wonder. Is this what Chinese and Iranian web dissidents feel like? How does this EDMD censoring differ from Pakistan's? What's next? Seeking out offense in the aisles of Barnes and Noble bookstores? Key question. Does Mohammed trump free speech in America now? If so, is that a leap forward or back, First Amendment-wise? How's this? The Delete (Everybody Draw Mohammad Day) Page stated Facebook has apologized. Investigating, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's PC true. What do you think the odds in Vegas would be? For what it's worth, my report on the first main EDMD page 'glitch' from earlier:
About twelve hours ago, I reported here at on the cultural and ideological conflagration raging over the Facebook 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' page. The uproar resulted in the Pakistani government's blocking of Facebook and protests in the streets there. As of about 30 minutes ago, all of the main 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' Facebook page links from my original report redirect me to my home Facebook page. The remaining EDMD Facebook page has only 8,000 members The original EDMD page had over 70,000.
HACKED? May 21 @ 4:59pm - Was Ali Hassan, an Islamist extremist hacker from Turkey, behind the vanishing act of the 100,000 member-strong 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' Facebook page? The PRLog and Jewish Business Magazine websites are reporting just that. Other information is sketchy. Facebook denied culpability in the EDMD page's disappearance, while Mr. Ali Hassan is happily taking credit for it. Will update, but very little to go on right now. No official word from Facebook yet on the exact nature of the original EDMD page's vanishing into the ether. But you would think they would say something as many angry Facebook members close their accounts and rage at them over perceived self-censorship.
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