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Op-Ed: Everybody Draw Ahmadinejad Day!

By Johnny Simpson     May 19, 2010 in World
From the righty Breitbart's Big Hollywood to the lefty Huffington Post, everyone is gearing up for Everybody Draw Mohammad Day. In my last post, I suggested this could be an ultimately self-defeating exercise in free speech. May I suggest another subject?
Consider this, Dear Readers. A majority of very fine and devout Muslims form the heart of the Green Revolution in Iran. If Everybody Draw Mohammad Day goes forward tomorrow as planned (as is being recommended by the right-leaning Breitbart's Big Hollywood, the left-leaning Huffington Post and everyone in between), the brave Green Muslims in Iran will be facing the bloody regime's iron boots, bullets and animal cages of Evin prison on one side, and an en masse insult of their holy prophet and sacred religion on the other from us.
How do you think they would feel? Would Muslims be more receptive to listening to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Islamist rants against the morally corrupt West or no? I have already spoken out against EDMD earlier today as potentially self-defeating and very damaging for the West PR-wise in the Muslim world. Just because we can doesn't mean we should. I say we exercise our right to free speech and make a statement that will not only entertain us but the entire Muslim world as well, the oppressed Greens for sure: Everybody Draw Ahmadinejad Day!
Sound like a winner? I know the Greens would love it! Who couldn't, except Ahmie and his jackbooted Basiji army of Islamist Nazi goons? But offending them is the point, see? So let's make tomorrow, May 20, Everybody Draw Ahmadinejad Day! How can you go wrong? Best of all, it only targets a true fascist Islamist extremist and not the entire Muslim world, most of whom like the Greens are getting the worst of it from the extremists like Ahamdinejad and Osama bin Laden. Let's make friends where it counts, not enemies. Sound like a plan? If you do agree with me, time is short. Please spread the word far and wide. It'll be fun, fun, fun!
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