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article imageOp-Ed: Americans Saying Yes to the Party of No

By Johnny Simpson     May 17, 2010 in Politics
Liberal Democrats believe they have a winning campaign theme with "The Party of No." Unfortunately for them, most Americans agree with Republicans in saying no to higher taxes and spending, ObamaCare, Cap-and-Trade, and more stimulus for bankrupt states.
Shortly after President Obama's inauguration last year, liberal Democrats in Congress began to push a series of expensive legislative actions and shady backroom dealings on the Stimulus, ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade bills. The Republicans united in opposition, and have stood in the way of liberal Democrats' tax-and-spend agenda ever since. For that, the GOP earned the moniker "The Party of No" from liberal Democrats. Currently there are 1,460,000 hits on Google for that apparently derogatory term, yet former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin has gone one step further not only by embracing that moniker but doubling down on it: "Not only are we the Party of No, we are the Party of Hell, No!"
Liberal Democrats still use that term today to define the GOP as intractable and resistant to change. I still receive emails from the DCCC referring to the GOP with that moniker on a regular basis. Unfortunately for Democrats, a majority of Americans now believe in saying no to the liberal Democrats' costly and sweeping progressive agenda in Washington. In short, they believe not all change is good for the country, and most even want ObamaCare repealed by a 57% majority. American public sentiment is also running strongly against proposed Cap-and-Trade legislation (which admittedly will cause Americans' energy bills to skyrocket), and against any further boondoggle stimulus or jobs bills, which have primarily been utilized to prop up state governments drowning in red ink and on the verge of bankruptcy, and have failed to create new private sector jobs or keep unemployment below 8% as promised.
To compound matters even further for LibDems, 63% of Americans recently polled support Arizona's tough new immigration laws, not to mention 70% of Arizonans. A large majority of Americans also oppose blanket amnesty for illegal aliens, as they did in 2007 when the bill was first proposed in Congress. But even these social hot potatoes are but the tip of the political iceberg the Democrat Titanic is sailing straight for in November. More and more Americans are becoming increasingly turned off by the Obama administration's and liberal Democrats' gobbling up of the private sector a la Hugo Chavez, and nanny state intrusions into our privacy, the Internet, our pantries and refrigerators, even our children's body mass.
The Hippocratic Oath can be summed up in four words: "First, do no harm." In that respect, most Americans do believe the federal government currently in power in the White House and Congress is doing more harm than good, which is why they now support Republicans in their staunch opposition to liberal Democrat policies by overwhelming majorities. Yet the national Democratic Party seems to still believe, based on recent statements and mailers, that the Party of No designation for the GOP is a campaign winner for November, and that most Americans still want to buy the dramatic change via tax-and-spend legislation they're selling.
That hopeful attitude by liberal Democrats denies the prevailing political realities in America today. Most Americans want the federal government to get out of the way and focus on creating an environment that generates more jobs, not passing draconian trillion-dollar job-killing legislation that will ensure no recovery ever gets off the ground. In these times, Americans want the federal government to focus on cutting our massive debt and protecting the nation, not imposing free nationwide BMIs for all children on an already overstressed health care system so the government can police their weight and diet, or telling musicians that they can quit their day jobs because their health care's now all paid for by We The People, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi incredibly stated to a gathering of same recently.
The Democrats are, of course, welcome to pursue the Party of No campaign theme all they like through November, just as they are welcome to continue blaming former President Bush for all that now ails the nation. But by doing so, they ignore the seismic shifts that have taken place in the American political landscape since the 2008 elections, and may yet wind up becoming the Party of Not in November, as in not in power anymore. All of the political polls and indicators now point to that very outcome. Barring any radical shifts in public opinion or the unemployment rate, the Party of No may yet become the Party of Victory as it was in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, which elected its first GOP Senator in 38 years.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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