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article image80-year-old new singing star shows it's never too late to dream

By Carol Forsloff     May 12, 2010 in Entertainment
It's never too late ladies, seems the message now from Britain, as an 80-year-old woman wowed the audience at Britain's Got Talent, standing up and singing out in ways that tell the doubters you can live the life you want at any age.
Yes, 80-year-old Janey Cutler belted it out to a roaring crowd on Britain's Got Talent and took the highest honors from all three panel judges after she performed.
Janey Cutler, mother of six (the show proclaimed it seven) times, grandmother of twelve and great-grandmother of four, has a gift that shone for sure on Saturday night, as she wowed the audience in Great Britain with her rendition of No Regrets.
Like Susan Boyle, no one would expect from a tiny, wiry frame the voice that soared across the audience stunning it to silence for a moment, before it exploded in applause. The judges exclaimed about this wispy woman with her voice of strength and range.
The voice is here to listen, and a learning can unfold, as music teaches just like pictures do, what people think might never happen, can at any age. Unlike the videos of Susan Boyle they are restricted from embedding, just a few days after her performance, likely a clue to financial benefits that can come literally overnight.
The woman, Janey Cutler, those eight decades and counting, finds her place at more than 1 million viewers on YouTube since her presentation May 8, Saturday night.
A phenomenon of sorts, but there is likely more. There's likely more for Janey as she moves toward the finals in a contest that some folks speculate already she might win.
This Cinderella story, for in some ways this is it, Janey Cutler is a woman retired from cleaning, who has lived a simple life of serving family, living plainly, always loving just to sing. Her performance transformed a plain and older woman into what might speak to many who make age excuse for failure. Folks can point to her and say, "I could do that too" or do some special thing that has a place as wonderful in some unique way as has happened to Cutler. In fact there are organizations that encourage new career contribution from elders who retool themselves and make a difference too.
Encore is an organization that awards $100,000 to remarkable people over the age of 60 who retool and succeed in new careers. Nominations are closed for this year, but open for 2011.
Robert Lane is one example Encore writes about, a 92-year-old man who is described as
"engaging senior citizens in preserving the planet’s resources, Lane has helped join 50 retirement communities nationwide to establish environmentally sound living practices." This "going green" might seem special for his age, especially with the leadership he does. He was one of the Fellows from 2009 as a sign of that achievement.
It's encore that can happen, as the organization declares, in much the same way Janey Cutler showed. These over-60 somethings can contribute, showing others, just like Cutler, you can realize your dream at any age.
In the meantime Janey Cutler is already making the rounds of morning talk shows in the United States, where it was said her thick Scottish accent was difficult to understand. She told The Early Show that her first singing was at the age of five in the Salvation Army.
She has been, according to News of the World, been labeled "NuBo," the new Susan Boyle, who was also from Scotland.
But Cutler humbly tells new fans,: "It's flattering to be compared to Susan, but I don't take any notice of that really. I'd like to be successful in my own way. If not, I am just going to enjoy myself."
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