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article imageOp-Ed: Obama names a rookie to Supreme Court

By Michael Bearak     May 10, 2010 in Politics
President Obama has lived up to his promise to bring about change. In just over one year since taking office he has had the opportunity to nominate two Justices to the Supreme Court. Still, his latest nomination is a bit puzzling.
Elana Kagan evidently is no stranger to Washington DC. She has been a clerk, and served as White House council, an most recently Solicitor General. So it is obvious that she knows her way around the Belt-way.
I have long been outspoken about Obama and his policies. I kind of understood the nomination of Sotomayor, but it worked. She had experience as a justice, she is a liberal the perfect selection from the new President.
Now Obama has another chance to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court and in living up to his promise for change I think he has done just that. The nomination of Elena Kagan is baffling though. Many people don't consider her liberal enough, many consider her moderate at best. The other thing that I really don't get is that she has NEVER served as a justice, just as an attorney.
Now she has argued before the Supreme Court, sure but is that enough? I wonder, no I am absolutely bewildered, how do you name someone to the highest court in the land, a lifetime nomination and give it to someone who has ZERO judiciary experience?
I am not saying that she is a bad attorney, no on the contrary I believe is she probably an excellent one. She comes with a wealth of endorsers on both sides of the aisle. She is extremely well educated, come-on not everyone can get into Princeton, Oxford and Harvard.
I understand, Americans seem to be obsessed with the idea of change, at least they were in 2008. The dropping approval rating of the President raises alarms that he is trying to save himself right now. Is he picking someone who actually supports and continues his commitment to change, or is he trying to appeal to a mass population in an effort to save votes?
In the end I don't see the facts adding up for the nomination of Kagan. Her biggest negative is that she has never been a judge though. At some point the President is going to be thinking of term number two and doing what it takes to get elected.
Obama is suffering, unemployment has continued to rise, the deficit is growing and his approval rating dropping. That raises one last thought, is Kagan, not just qualified to be a Justice, but is she also a Justice in the best interest of the future of the United States? She is just 50 years old, the American people are going to be saddled with her for a long time to come.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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