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article imageOp-Ed: How to Grow a Square Watermelon

By Kim I. Hartman     May 7, 2010 in Food
Trying to find a fun project for those bored kids that will be looking for something to do during their upcoming summer break? This one is sure to please kids of all ages, while educating and entertaining them in the fine art of gardening.
Spring is here and for me that means yard work and garden season along with fresh herbs and green vegetables to enjoy after a winter of "comfort foods" preserved, canned and put up from last year. It also means obese greedy thieving bunnies that want to intrude on my garden and that wonderful inner peace I find and feel when I step over the not-so bunny-proof rabbit fencing into my "garden space" .
It's been a long cold winter, with frigid temperatures, ice and more then enough snow to last a few years and I am excited to get started now that the clocks have sprung forward. ~ I am more then ready to get my hands back in the soil and my body back in the sun to rid myself of this cabin fever and the accompanying blues that hit us after a winter of bad weather.
A new variety of  micro-melons  called Pepquinos. They look like a watermelon and taste like a cucum...
A new variety of "micro-melons" called Pepquinos. They look like a watermelon and taste like a cucumber.
While it snowed over the past few months, I have spent some time reading and exploring new and old gardening websites and seed suppliers to gather what I will need for my summer gardening fun this season.
I had read about a new variety of "micro-melons" last fall called Pepquino's that I wanted to try this year so I began weeding through my many saved gardening favorites to find that link.
I have had a garden in some form all of my life and this year I wanted to plant or grow something different to share with my granddaughter and my nephews as our little summer project. That's when I ran across a couple links I had saved on "How to Grow a square watermelon ... Yes, square watermelons.
A box designed to grow a single square watermelon
A box designed to grow a single square watermelon
After much reading and studying and researching this subject I will share my finds in this forum. Perhaps others might want to give this a try. I am saving a bit of the costs by using recycled materials that I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity store. That was my first time there and they had exactly what I needed to duplicate the design for a few dollars that is shown here at Growing Square Watermelons for $8.
The popularity of growing square watermelons is world-wide, even the Japanese are mass producing these marvelous melons they say "will wow and amaze your neighbors" and they are profiting handsomely for their efforts and creativity to the tune of up to a hundred bucks a melon.
A handsome profit can be earned for those wanting to grow their own square watermelons.
A handsome profit can be earned for those wanting to grow their own square watermelons.
Researchers at US agricultural college's and universities have been experimenting with reshaping fruits and vegetables for many years.
I've also been told by school teacher friends that some elementary and middle school science books have instructions on "How to grow square watermelons" ~ I figure if a fifth grader can do it - so can I.
Enjoy your summer gardening fun.
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